Training the vets of Nepal

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Training the vets of Nepal

Wed 4th May 2016

Staff from our Thailand ITC have recently returned from a 5-day large animal training course, run by ITC Clinical Director, Maiju Tamminen in Nepal. This course was teaching vets "Large animal reproduction and preventive medicine". This was the first time ever that such a practical-oriented course on large animals has been run in Nepal and the course was hugely appreciated by all participants which included: an army vet, government vets, NGO-vets and private vets.

Dr. Jenni Suolaniemi from Finland was one of the main teachers, who specialises in production animal preventive health care. The course focused on infertility problems and their solutions on cattle and buffaloes through improved diagnostics A portable ultrasound device with a rectal probe was donated by Dr. Minna Viitanen form Finland, which was used throughout the course. The course aimed to provide better understanding of environmental nutritional and welfare issues on fertility.

Primarily, the aim of this training course was to improve the veterinarian clinical skills in large animal medicine, which in turn will improve the welfare of these animals. This will subsequently improve the production (therefore helping the economy) as well as hopefully decreasing the haphazard use of antibiotics in animal production, through increased focus on preventive healthcare, an approach, which has been practiced in the western countries for 20-30 years.