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Tiger Tiger

Tue 9th Aug 2016

Meet 'Tiger', this lovely dog was brought in by a young lady called Flora (the granddaughter of Tiger's owner) so that Tiger could receive her free rabies vaccination offered by our Mission Rabies colleagues at a local primary school in Zomba. Tiger's owners had noticed a big lump on her abdomen for a while (and has suspected that this was a tumour) and had even gone to see a paravet, but they couldn't afford the treatment that was offered. 

The Mission Rabies team liaised with the WVS team (as we were working at different schools that day) and their driver brought Tiger and Flora over to us. It turned out that the lump was not a tumour, but was in fact, a very large abdominal hernia, most likely caused by a trauma. 

Dr. Dagmar Mayer operated on Tiger and she found parts of Tiger's intestine and uterus inside the hernial sac. Dagmar repaired Tiger's hernia and also sterilised her too. When Tiger woke up from her operation, the WVS vehicle brought her back home to her owners, it was already dark by then, we pulled up in their street and brought our Tiger. Lots of neighbours came out to see what's going on and were amazed that Flora and the dog were dropped off at home by WVS!  Flora's grandparents are so happy that Tiger will make a full recovery.