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This Christmas Help Donkeys To Be Seen!

Tue 22nd Sep 2015

We are launching our Christmas Donkey Appeal!

Road accidents are a big problem for donkeys in India. They are seriously injured, sometimes fatally, on a regular basis on unlit roads. During one of our donkey outreach clinics in India we came up with a simple yet cost effective solution; high visibility safety collar. Just £5 will buy a donkey collar in India.  

Donkeys have an incredibly hard life in India. They are regularly branded with irons and their noses are cut in an attempt to improve their breathing in order to make them work even harder. They are also required to carry enormous weights on their backs, without any breaks or water for hours at a time. They often live in incredible pain and discomfort. We are changing that with our working equine  health clinics and education programmes.

If you would like a fundraising pack which includes a donkey fact sheet, money collection pot and poster please email us at [email protected]

Buying Christmas Cards is a great way to raise funds for WVS - we also have a brand new range of Festive Pet products.