Wound Management on puppy

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The power of wet to dry bandages

Fri 16th Sep 2016

This puppy was brought into our International Training Centre (ITC) in India, two weeks ago with a very large infected wound.

The skin around the wound was necrotic, which means that the cells in the body tissue around the wound had died and needed to be removed in order for the wound to heal.

The veterinary team at the ITC India has managed this big wound after surgical debridement with 'wet-to-dry’ bandages. 

These types of bandages keep the wound clean and promote healing. They have to be changed on a daily basis but after 16 days of treatment and a two week course of antibiotics the wound has now almost completely healed!

Unfortunately, these types of cases are very typical in India and are usually caused as a result of vehicle accidents, bite wounds or other injuries that free-roaming dogs are very prone too. As this is so common, practicing good wound management is a key component of the training courses that the WVS India ITC runs to take care of these kinds of cases.

Learn more about the training courses at the Indian ITC.