Captured dogs being killed inhumanely

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The inhumane slaughter of dogs in Mauritius

Thu 3rd Nov 2016

We are calling upon all our supporters to sign the below petition to end the inhumane capture and killing of dogs in Mauritius.

Shocking eyewitness video footage has revealed the cruel capture and killing of a large number of dogs in Mauritius, which shows workers from the government-funded ‘Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare’ hunting down, capturing and killing dogs.

From much-loved family pets to stray street dogs, there is no discrimination and these dogs are being taken to a dedicated  shelter and are being slaughtered to death in full view of one another.

The reason why, these dogs are deemed a ‘nuisance’ and detrimental to tourism.

This shocking footage shows workers throwing the captured dogs to the ground and standing on them, whilst a colleague administers a lethal injection directly into the dogs’ chest, in an attempt to puncture the heart. The International veterinary community condemns this procedure, because it often causes dogs to die slowly and in extreme pain.

Injected dogs stumble around, evidentally in pain and eventually collapse; succumbing to this deadly injection, while the remaining frightened dogs desperately try to escape this horrific fate by attempting to climb the walls of the kennel. Some dogs die straight away, but there are many other dogs that don't and have to suffer a slow and painful death.

This is brutal, barbaric, inhumane, cruel and uncivilised and like us, we are sure that you will be horrified by this content and we urge you to stand with us and take action.

WVS founder Luke Gamble says 'The perceived indifference of the individuals involved in these acts of obscene cruelty to animals upsets and offends me on every level.'

Please sign the petition now to end this cruel dog massacre and please help us to reach more people by sharing the petition with your friends and family.