The A to Z of fundraising

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The A to Z of fundraising

Wed 26th Oct 2016

Fundraising is essential in order for WVS to carry out its work around the world. If you are interested in getting involved, there are lots of fun ways you can do this and we hope that this A to Z of fundraising inspires you!

A  is for Afternoon Tea - Why not host a traditional afternoon tea and invite your friends. You could even host a vintage-inspired afternoon tea and dress up in vintage clothing and use vintage tea cups.

B is for Bake Off - Embrace your inner Mary Berry and host your very own bake off. Beware of any soggy bottoms!

C is for Car Wash - A great way to make some money and get exercise at the same time This can be surprisingly fun!

D is for Dog Show -  Does your pooch have legendary agility skills? Why not host your very own Dog show and you never know, your dog might win?! 

E is for eBay - Did you you know when you list an item for sale on eBay that you can donate a percentage of the selling value to charity? WVS is proud to participate in this scheme, so please feel free to choose us as your nominated charity.

F is for Fun Run - Running doesn't have to be arduous, a fun run could be as little as a mile or more (if you are feeling adventurous) either way, a Fun Run is a great way to raise money for charity.

G is for Golf - Whether you prefer classic golf or veer more towards the crazy variety, a golf tournament is a fun way to raise money for WVS. Fore!

H is for Hats - From terrific trilbies to fabulous fedoras, if you want to get ahead, get a hat and if you want to fundraise for WVS in style, a hat competition could be just the thing for you.

I is for Ice-Skating - Take to the ice and skate to your hearts content with a sponsored ice-skating extravaganza.

J is for Juggling competition - How many balls can you juggle at one time? Why not have a 'juggle-off' and get your friends to sponsor you at the same time.

K is for Karaoke - Whether you favour Elvis, Madonna or Taylor Swift, go let it our in a karaoke competition to raise money for WVS.

L is for Line Dancing -  Don your cowboy boots and checked shirt and give it plenty of yee-hah and join your partner on the floor for some line dancing.

M is for Murder Mystery Evening - Embrace your inner Poirot and Columbo and host a suspense-ridden Murder Mystery. 

N is for Name the Teddy - Find a cute teddy bear and ask everyone you know to guess the name of the teddy. Money is raised for charity and someone goes home with a cuddly new friend!

O is for Office Olympics -  Whether you favour the more traditional Olympic activities such as the 400 metres or the long jump or if you want to do something more quirky (why not try a space hopper race?!) 

P is for Pet Show - Let you pet take centre stage in a pet show for charity.

Q is for Quiz - Participate with a pint! Taking part in a quiz is a fun way to compete and raise money at the same time.

R is for Raffle - Tickets ready! A raffle is always a winning way to fundraise for charity.

S is for Swim-a-thon - Whether it's in the local swimming pool, in the sea or in a lake, a swim-a-thon is a great way to get fit and raise money at the same time. Don't forget your goggles!

T is for Talent Competition - From singers and dancers to clever pets and magicians, a talent competition is a wonderful way to bring people together for a worthy cause.

U is for Unwanted Gift Sale - We've all had an unwanted gift for Christmas, rather than putting it at the back of the cupboard (out of sight, out of mind) why not donate it to an unwanted gift sale. Your unwanted gift could make someone's day!

V is for Valentines Event - Embrace your inner romantic and hold a Valentines event in aid of charity.

W is for Wine Tasting - Do you know the difference between a Beaujolais and a Burgundy? Why not host a wine tasting evening?

X is for X Factor - Whether you want to be a judge or be judged, an X Factor style charity competition is bound to hit the right notes.

Y is for Yoga Day - From the downward dog to the camel pose, why not take part in a sponsored yoga session.

Z is for Zumba - Get moving to the latin beats and fundraise whilst dancing zumba!

What are your favourite ways to raise money for charity? Why not let us know on Facebook and Twitter. Please do consider WVS as your chosen charity next time you are fundraising. To see how we are using fundraisers money, visit our 'What we do' page.