Thailand: Our Outreach Work Continues Post Lockdown

Thailand: Our Outreach Work Continues Post Lockdown

When our teams aren’t treating animals in the clinic, caring for animals in the shelter or on the streets rescuing animals in need, they’re operating outreach camps.

Our teams travel to communities who would otherwise have no access to veterinary care, or simply couldn’t afford it, and run temporary clinics. Here, amongst unpredictable weather conditions, they work tirelessly to provide free veterinary care to as many animals as possible. They treat life-threatening injuries, administer vaccinations to prevent disease, educate owners on basic care and perform neutering surgeries to help reduce overpopulation, and subsequently ease the suffering these issues can cause.

Since the COVID-19 lockdown began, our Outreach Camps have been unable to go ahead.

At WVS Thailand, Outreach Manager Khun Fon has been working behind the scenes to redouble our efforts in rural communities once restrictions lift. She’s kept in close contact with fellow animal welfare group Pai’s Four-Legged Friends Association, and together they were able to launch a sterilization campaign in Pai, a town in northern Thailand. We're here to tell you all about it.

Khun Fon (WVS Thailand) and Khun Kob (Four-Legged Friends Association)

After weeks of preparations, the big day finally arrived. On Sunday, June 21, a team of three dog catchers, four veterinarians and six veterinary nurses, along with managers Khun Guy and Khon Fon, set off to Pai.

As usual, the team travelled on trucks, jam-packed with everything they would need. Whilst our Clinical Director Dr Giacomo Miglio, completed the 107-kilometres journey on a mountain bike with Director of Operations Ian Clarke, following closely behind on scooter, documenting the journey.

Clinical Director Dr Giacomo Miglio on a mountain bike

The WVS truck, and Dr Giacomo Miglio on a mountain bike

The team set up the clinic when they arrived and first thing Monday morning, they got to work. Pet owners seeking help for their animals began arriving at the clinic, whilst our animal catchers used nets to bring in the strays. Each animal was placed in a comfy cage, eagerly waiting its turn to see the veterinary team. Once the animal had been spayed, it was placed back in the cage to wake up safely from anaesthesia, before returning home or being released.

Operations at the outreach camp

Examining cats under general anaesthesia

Monitoring a dog under general anaesthesia

Weighing a cat under general anaesthesia

Dogs patiently waiting their turn to see the veterinary staff

Dogs waking up from anaesthesia post-surgery

In just five days of surgery, the team operated on a total of 226 animals – 142 dogs and 84 cats. More than thirty people from the local area got involved. Training was offered to junior vets, volunteers assisted with caring for animals on-site and others took up the opportunity to learn about the importance of neutering and vaccination. Whilst this was going on, Dr Keiichiro, our Japanese Intern, surveyed the dog populations in Pai, collecting critical information so we can continue to monitor our impact in the area.

All in all, it was a very successful outreach camp – and the first for WVS Thailand in months!

To celebrate the momentous occasion and the long-standing partnership with Pai’s Four-Legged Friends Association, special t-shirts were prepared for the whole team.

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