Animal welfare synergy in Zomba

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Synergy in Zomba

Wed 17th Aug 2016
Our International Veterinary Manager, Dr. Dagmar Mayer is keeping very busy at our two week long sterilisation/veterinary treatment campaign in Zomba. Dagmar and her team of fantastic volunteers are sterilising dogs, treating TVTs and performing surgical procedures such as amputations.

Every day, the team works at a different school throughout Zomba City, at one location the veterinary field clinic was set up at an open kitchen on the outskirts of Zomba. The local community were incredibly intrigued by the work that WVS was doing and were very pleased to be able to bring their dogs to the WVS clinic in-order to receive free veterinary care.

Our Mission Rabies colleagues had vaccinated an old dog who was already around 8 years old (which is very old for a dog in Malawi) The dog had very large testicular tumours and the Mission Rabies driver brought him to the WVS clinic to receive treatment. Dr Dagmar sterilised the dog and removed both affected testicles.

Whilst overall the dog is not in good shape and is also very thin, he will at least now feel much better without these heavy masses which was clearly causing him a lot of discomfort. The dogs owner watched the whole surgery and is so grateful his dog is doing much better now! This is a great example of how WVS and Mission Rabies are working synergistically to help improve the lives of animals worldwide.

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