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Superhero Spotlight - ITC India, Dr Vinay Bhagat

Tue 13th Jun 2017

Spanning the globe, WVS – develops and manages international veterinary programs for the benefit of animals & communities worldwide. We also help animals affected by natural disasters or caught in conflict zones. Here we profile our vets working in this organisation, who are elevating our reputation in veterinary science through the work they do. This week the spotlight is on Dr Vinay Bhagat from India, who has been working for WVS since 2012. Vinay is an amazing surgeon and also a dab hand with nunchuks. 

How did you get in the role?

I was running my own small animal private practice in Pune, Maharashtra, for three years. I then decided to move to Tamil Nadu where my wife, also a vet, is from. WVS was looking for vets for its training centre in Ooty. At first I enquired about the role for my vet friends but I ended up turning up for the interview and getting the job! I have been with WVS ITC for five years and it has become an integral part of my life. 

What do you have to say about this quote? “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” (Mahatma Gandhi)

This quote rings true as I have always found peace in taking care of my patients. I follow one simple rule as a veterinarian; nothing is more important than the welfare and safety of my patient. I give all of my patients my undivided attention so that I can care for them without any distractions. I also like to nurture my theoretical and practical knowledge to keep my skills as sharp as my scalpal. Sometimes it's a tough job but like the Billy Ocean song, "when the going gets tough,the tough gets going." The tough times never last forever but tough people do. 

What has been the highlight of your career?

Being in a position to help fellow vets across the world to learn best practice, I am now able to do my bit towards supporting India's veterinary infrastructure. I'm at ease working in challenging situations with limited resources as well as advanced clinical ones. I'm known for carrying heavy bags on field trips that are full of head torches, first aid supplies, emergency food, water, power banks, tool kits, you name it, it's in my bag. It's because I like to be prepared for everything. If we fail to prepare then we should prepare ourselves to fail. I always like to compare my field vets to soldiers on a mission. A soldier needs courage, inspiration, and motivation and the more he sweats while training the less he will bleed in war.

Most challenging part of the job

Keeping myself updated with new changes within the profession is challenging. I also like to adapt a unique strategy whilst teaching students around the world as their learning needs are vastly different. I often connect with my students by giving them some emotional quotes to motivate them such as “never get too disheartened with your failure and never get too overjoyed with your success." The source of my inner strength is regular exercise, martial arts and yoga which keeps my mind and body in balance. I've always wanted to save lives and make a positive difference and I am glad that through WVS I am able to do it everyday. 

Explain WVS to someone new

WVS works hard to provide knowledge and skills to veterinarians and it also supports animal welfare organisations throughout the world. WVS's commitment to training Indian vets is the best and most sustainable way to help tackle ongoing issues of animal welfare. WVS gives an opportunity to every vet, vet nurse, assistant, animal handler and volunteer to be the one who make a positive difference in their community. When I look at the larger picture and imagine what postive impact the charity will have in years to come, it inspires me to be part of WVS as long as I can.