Stray Dog Battling Parasites and a Broken Pelvis Saved by WVS Thailand

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Stray Dog Battling Parasites and a Broken Pelvis Saved by WVS Thailand

Tue 14th Aug 2018

Back in April this year, an older stray dog named Kronos was brought to the WVS community clinic after being hit by a car. 

The accident left this stray dog in a lot of pain and, unable to find food, he grew very weak. He was only able to drag himself around on his front legs and he was growing weaker day by day.

When he was brought to our Thai ITC, our vets quickly discovered that there were many other issues with poor Kronos. Not only was he suffering from a crushed pelvis, broken in multiple places due to the accident, but he was also very weak from hunger, had a serious skin infection, and even more seriously, an advanced stage of blood parasites. 

In the beginning, Kronos couldn’t use his hind legs at all and our veterinary team knew that there was not much hope for this old boy. He had also lost control over his bowels and bladder, needing help to urinate several times a day.

Despite the struggle, the WVS vets believed it was still worth trying to help him fight his way back to health. For the first few weeks, all the team could do was keep Kronos pain-free, clean and comfortable while they waited for the antibiotics to overcome the blood parasites.

It took many weeks of constant care before Kronos made real improvement. His parasites had been cleared up and he was beginning to grow stronger, enough for the vets to reset his broken pelvis and treat his other conditions. With time, good medicine and lots of support from our team, Kronos was able to get up and regain control of his bodily functions again. On the 6thJuly, he took his first step again on all four legs and his skin is also recovering well, growing back a healthy shiny coat.

After three months of intensive treatment and rehabilitation, Kronos is walking and running around again and is the healthiest he has ever been! The team are unable to send Kronos back to his original location because it is a busy traffic area and it is likely he would get hit by a vehicle again. Therefore he is currently living at our canine rescue and rehabilitation centre in Chiang Mai and the team are looking for a friendly loving home for him in the local area.

Here at WVS, our vets love to give animals like Kronos a second chance to have a life free from pain, hunger and disease. Life for a street dog isn’t always great, but thanks to the skills and dedication of our Thai team, Kronos now has better days ahead!

If you would like to help continue to provide long-term care and treatment for dogs like Kronos, please consider a donation today. Your donation, however big or small, really can help us save the lives of dogs like Kronos.