Sterilising in Sofia

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Sterilising in Sofia

Fri 20th May 2016

A team of WVS vets and vet nurses are currently providing veterinary support to Animal Rescue Sofia in Bulgaria. One of our vets, Tammy has kindly been keeping a little blog of what the team have been up to.

Over to you Tammy!

Our WVS team arrived in Bulgaria 3 days ago and were warmly welcomed by AR Sofia. We began work immediately helping to transform the designated building into a spay/neuter clinic. We pooled veterinary supplies sourced from within country and those sent by WVS and set about organising the kennel room, preparation room and theatre suite. Anaesthetic and surgical protocols were discussed with the whole team.

We began neutering animals at the shelter on our second day and quickly established an efficient working flow. Today there was much excitement when it was revealed that long term resident "Katy" had been found a new home. Katy came to the shelter 6 months ago after she was found trapped in a wolf snare with horrendous facial injuries. Thanks to AR Sofia she received treatment and survived.

Today our WVS team successfully spayed Katy and she is now ready to go to her new home. A very rewarding start to our work with this fantastic charity!

Our WVS teams always have to be ready to treat animals that may be seriously ill. Some are found wandering the streets. This week our Bulgaria team had to perform emergency operations on several female dogs suffering from a life-threatening infection of the womb known as pyometra. This condition is preventable if animals are spayed when they are young. Everyone was thrilled that this little homeless dog pulled through. She is now being looked after at the Animal Rescue Sofia shelter whilst she is nursed back to health. We think she will easily find someone to love her once she is well!

In the last few days’ cats have also been arriving at the Animal Rescue Sofia shelter for our WVS Bulgaria team to treat. This little tabby kitten was so bouncy after his surgery the team simply had to take time out for cuddles and play! Neutering cats is important in the battle to reduce the number of homeless animals. These cats now have a great chance of being adopted.