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Sterilising in Serbia

Tue 26th Apr 2016

Our dedicated vets and veterinary nurses have been working at the Vucjak Shelter in Serbia this week sterilising dogs. This is our second visit to this shelter and we are happy to report that we have now sterilised nearly all the dogs at this shelter.

The WVS team will be continuing their work this weekend at a city shelter in Kragujevac, where there are currently around 120 dogs that will require our help with sterilisation, before the shelter can attempt to rehome them.

Sadly dogs are abandoned (in this area of Serbia) on a daily basis and as-well as undertaking the actual sterilisation, the WVS team will also be raising awareness of the importance of sterilisation to encourage the general public to get their dogs sterilised in-order to prevent unwanted breeding.

WVS rely on donations to help us support our on-going work, please do donate if you can.