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Spay Day 2015

Tue 24th Feb 2015

#GoNuts for World Spay Day 2015

Yesterday we successfully coordinated spay and and neuter campaign clinics around the globe including Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cape Verde, Grenada, Cook Islands, Malawi and Samos. 

World Spay Day is an international campaign spotlighting spaying and neutering to help save pet's lives and #GoNuts was our combined effort to support this. 

Vets and vet nurses from all around the world celebrated in style with free spay and neuter clinics that would otherwise have not been available. 

Around the world there are many homeless cats and dogs. Spaying neutering is an effective and humane way to save their lives. Spaying (for females) and neutering (for males) are common surgeries that veterinarians perform to stop animals from having accidental, surplus litters. By preventing litters this reduces the number of animals for whom resources are not available.

Teams of WVS vets and vet nurses, plus countless volunteers made a huge difference to cat and dog populations as well as raising awareness within different communities. 

A HUGE thanks to all of our contributors and volunteers and everyone involved.