Saving the Dogs of Blantyre District

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Saving the Dogs of Blantyre District

Fri 29th Sep 2017

Our Africa Veterinary Manager, Dr Dagmar Mayer is in Malawi co-ordinating the collaboration between WVS vets and Mission Rabies volunteers. This collective effort offers the animals in Blantyre the best chances of treatment and recovery. This is the story of just one of the dogs helped by our teams.

John is one of our team members working in the Blantyre district on the Mission Rabies vaccination drive. Whilst working in one of the villages, he came across a dog with a very large infected and ulcerated tumour on its shoulder. As the tumour was so large, the vets thought there was nothing that could be done. The owners already gave consent for euthanasia as the dog was suffering with this large painful mass. 

After examination however, we decided to try removing the tumour in the hope we could save this poor dog’s life. The vet teams worked together and managed to excise the whole mass and to close the large wound: a great success!

After caring for the dog for another 10 days after the surgery at our ITC, John dropped her back home. The owners were very happy and so grateful to our team. They had not expected to see their dog again! Now she is reunited with her owners and has been given a second chance at life thanks to our skilled vets!

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