Saving Sprite's Sight

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Saving Sprite's sight

Fri 11th Nov 2016

We received a new arrival at the WVS ITC in Thailand today, 'Sprite' is another very sad case. Sadly, both of his owners passed away and he had been left to wonder the streets of Chiang Mai. Sprite was last seen outside a temple in Chiang Mai, being fed by locals.

One couple who have been trying to look after him, noticed that Sprite seems to be blind. He was picked up by one of our animal handlers and upon examination, our veterinary team led by Dr. Dagmar Mayer, found tumours in both his eyes. 

Unfortunately, Sprite has a TVT (a transmissible venereal tumour) that has spread to his face. Our veterinary team will keep him at the clinic, where he will be neutured and we will start the treatment of the TVT.

Hopefully his eyes can be saved.... this terrible disease is transmitted when mating and is one of the many reasons why we neuter dogs! 

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