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Saving Mara the Spider Monkey

Thu 15th Mar 2018

Mara is an amazing spider monkey at WVS supported charity La Senda Verde in Bolivia. Our volunteer Hayley has been at the centre for two months helping look after the wildlife in their care, and Mara’s story in particular has resonated with her...

When she arrived at La Senda Verde as a baby she was paralysed from the waist down.  It was presumed that when her mum had been killed, she had landed on Mara and damaged her spine.  However, over the last two years she has gradually been getting the feeling back in her legs and is now able to move both her tail and her legs.  

Although she still doesn't get around normally there is an unbelievable improvement between now and when she arrived here.  She also has the strongest arm muscles of any spider monkey at the sanctuary!  She has been using her tail to hang from the branches in her enclosure but unfortunately, not long before we arrived, had fallen and broken her right tibia.  This required surgery to fix but when we arrived the surgical wound was breaking down.

WVS sent over a brand new anaesthetic machine accompanied by Hayley on her trip to Bolivia and this piece of equipment has been vital to Mara’s treatment, and will help many other patients at the sanctuary in the future. The anaesthetic machine has been absolutely invaluable in regualrly having to anaethetise her to treat her wounds.  Mara has been anaesthetised four times using the donated machine which has allowed the veterinary team to help heal her wounds at various points during her recovery.

Amazingly, after nearly 12 weeks Mara’s once large wound is now very nearly closed! She spends her days out and about with her two howler monkey friends, Caffiena and Kinny and because she has been feeling so much better in the last few months the team have struggled to keep her activity levels down!

We are so pleased this machine is making a valuable difference to the lives of Mara and the other wildlife at the centre and wish Mara the best for the future!

If you'd like to help us fund more lifesaving equipment for our supported charities to help animals in need all over the world, and help heal animals like Mara, please consider a donation today.