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Pregnant Pony Stuck in the Mud Rescued by WVS vets

Mon 14th May 2018

The WVS India Working Equine Project aims to improve the welfare of donkeys, ponies and former racehorses living in the rural regions of southern India. With the support of WTG and The Peter O’Sullevan Charitable Trust, the team have already seen significant improvements within the community with owners now knowing how best to look after their animals. However, some emergency cases still require quick veterinary intervention…

Recently the team received a call from the owner of a pony who stated that the animal had got itself stuck in some mud and slush. The team responded to the emergency and headed to the area of Thalaikundah. 

Not only was the pony very distressed, she was also pregnant and growing tired from battling to get out of the mud. The owner didn’t know exactly how long she’d been stuck, but our vets assessed her condition and estimated it was around five hours! The owner had tried to get her out himself, but to no avail. She was struggling against the mud and was severely dehydrated. 

The WVS vets administered IV fluid to the pony and pulled her out of the mud with ropes. After a full assessment and more fluids, the animal was soon on her feet again and walked away unharmed. 

The owner was so grateful to the WVS India team for their assistance and quick response. Without our work in this region, animals like this would not get the care they need and should an emergency case arise, veterinary help would not be available. This was a great success for the WVS India working equine team and shows the benefit of such a project in this region!