Poisoned Dog Saved by WVS Vets

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Poisoned Dog Saved by WVS Vets

Thu 31st May 2018

In Blantyre, our teams are not only providing a vital veterinary service in a place where it is lacking, but WVS vets also help educate the community on pet ownership and animal welfare. Fox was one of our recent patients...

Fox was a female dog brought to our clinic by her owner after two days of vomiting and diarrhoea had left her weak and unable to stand. She was deteriorating rapidly and needed treatment quickly! It was a suspected poisoning case which is unfortunately very common in Malawi as many people are afraid of dogs. The relationship between dogs and communities in regions like Blantyre is very different to how it may be in the UK or more developed countries.

Our sister charity Mission Rabies has been running rabies vaccination drives and education sessions here to try and reduce the amount of unnecessary and inhumane killings of dogs and provide communities with the knowledge they need to live alongside dogs. 

Fortunately, Fox was brought to the WVS veterinary team just in time! We set her on some aggressive fluid therapy and after a couple of days she made a full recovery. She was very happy to be going home and her owner was so relieved. Helping animals like Fox and her owner is just one of the reasons our work in Malawi is so important.

Why? Because every animal matters.