1100 animals sterilised in just 4 weeks

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Over 1100 animals sterilised in just 4 weeks

Tue 1st Nov 2016

We have just completed our 4 week-long sterilisation project in Goa and the amazing team of permanent WVS staff and volunteers managed to exceed all set targets and managed to sterilise 1100 dogs and cats! 

As well as completing essential sterilisations, the team also treated many sick and injured animals along the way, including 11 amputations. 43 wound closures and 1 hernia.

One team was based in the Mission Rabies truck, a purpose built mobile veterinary clinic and sterilised more than 400 dogs and cats there. Of course every sterilised animal also got vaccinated against rabies!

Thanks to this campaign, thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens won't be born. They can be saved from a life of suffering and the adult animals can finally escape the endless cycle of breeding and raising more offspring. The intervention will also help preventing horrible fighting wounds which are most commenly found in intact males. 

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