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New Thai Dogs Appeal for 2015

Fri 24th Apr 2015

WVS have launched the new Thai Dogs appeal for 2015. 

Care for Dogs have been working tirelessly to improve the welfare of abandoned dogs in the Chiang Mai area of Thailand. 

From 1st May 2015, Care for Dogs will be incorporated in to the WVS family, with some exciting plans for the future. Our team will be continuing the work of the shelter as well creating a new training programme to provide a wider veterinary support in the area.

Care for Dogs said;

"Homeless dogs are largely responsible for the mass of puppies found wandering looking for food and shelter but family “latch key” dogs are possibly equally responsible. These dogs are often not sterilised and if puppies are born from family dogs, more often than not, the majority are dumped at a temple or other public place rather than found a home with a friend or neighbour. The truth is, if people know the Care for Dogs shelter, they sometimes try to anonymously dump a white rice sack full of fluffy bundles at the gate.

There are already so many “No Hope” dogs on the streets and if you visit markets, shop car parks or other public amenity area, where there might be food during early morning or evening, you will see them hanging around looking for food.

When dumped at temples, they fight for their lives and if they survive without being eaten or managing to find some food of their own, they will join the masses. These places are not picture card tropical rest homes but sad and dreary pitiful places. Some temples have literally hundreds and it is not because monks particularly like dogs, but because they get overwhelmed by dumped dogs from irresponsible owners. Some in fact want to move dogs out from the temples by any means possible."

The Care for Dogs shelter has been sterilising, rescuing and rehoming dogs for the past 9 years and has made a significant impact in the Chiang Mai area on dog welfare and the population of stray dogs. 

At the dog rescue shelter, some dogs are not likely to be candidates for adoption, as they bear lots of scars from their life on the streets. Our work with Care for Dogs will ensure that these dogs will have a great quality of life at the shelter. 

Only with your help can we go on making a huge difference to animal welfare in Thailand. Support us so we can give these dogs the care they deserve.