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Nepal Earthquake Appeal - Vet's View Point

Tue 5th May 2015

WVS are working with Nepal based animal welfare organisations and charities to deploy a rapid action response. This is the latest on our outreach clinics. 

We visited the VDC of Ghaire Bishona Deubur, (a VDC is a division smaller than a district.). It had 1,400 houses and 6,065 people. Nearly 26 people died and 1,000 animals died in the earthquake.  The animals have already been buried using an excavation vehicle.  In this area, the nearest hospital is 2 hours away and people said there’s no vet available to them at all and 95% of the houses were damaged by the earthquake. 

We visited a third village where there were no human casualties but many animals were injured by falling debris. 11 buffalo and 20 goats died. 

We treated a cow believed to be pregnant. She hasn’t stood in a week with likely hind limb paralysis. Lying in a position with splayed leg. We suggested that the owners build a shelter from the elements for her while we could treat her.

A cow had swelling on the right side paralumbar region, where something hit her during the earthquake. She can stand but has difficulty walking. Our vet, Zoe examined her and said that she had Likely muscular injury caused by impact. We suggested having her stand daily it should hopefully improve with time. 

We saw a cow that had not moved from the area when the earthquake happened, quietly chewing her cud. She hasn’t stood since then and showed no interest in trying to when encouraged. The shelter had collapsed around her, meaning that the corrugated iron roof was now only 1-2 feet above her head and was making her uncomfortably hot. We suggested replacing this roof with tarpaulin, continuing to provide food and water and to clean her regularly due to attraction of flies. 

We also treated a goat with an injured leg, with Dr Zoe of WVS and Dr Sushil, a Nepali vet from Kathmandu who was with us all day. The goat was one of several who were buried for 5 days and survived. Their owner was an older woman who was buried in the rubble for 4 hours.

A buffalo lived in the animal shelter with a number of other buffalo, calves, and goats. We saw that her leg was broken in the earthquake and she hobbled over to us just before she collapsed, and has been at that place since then. She had massive soft tissue swelling round the proximal right hind limb and hip region. Examination revealed crepitus mid-thigh, confirming a fractured femur. An examination performed by Zoe revealed she was heavily pregnant, but we found no signs of life - no response when pulling on calf's leg or pushing fingers into the back of the throat. When we tried to convince the owner to let us euthanize her he refused because was concerned about losing his livelihood.  

More details to follow soon

We will be updating the situation as soon as we get any more updates so please keep looking at our Facebook and Twitter and latest news for any more information. 

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