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Nepal Earthquake Appeal - Update

Thu 30th Apr 2015

Thanks to your support we have raised an incredible £2500 towards the rescue effort in Nepal. 

Here is what we have done already;

  • A rapid veterinary response within 12 hours of the disaster - within 24 hours we had set up a WVS base camp. 
  • We are now working alongside Nepali vets in rural affected areas, who have a vital local knowledge about affected livestock. We have also a professional team of search and rescue workers on the ground. 
  • We have been able to collaborate on field work, build local capacity and spread the message of animal welfare issues as a united front and provide veterinary support across Katmandu and rural areas.  

Why we still need your help;

  • In some parts of the countryside where almost all the homes have been affected, farming is a way of life for many Nepalese families and any other further loss of their livestock will be devastating for these families.
  • Dogs in Nepal usually eat what people eat – rice, lentils, and chicken. This is cheaper than dog food, but of course it requires more resources.There may soon be a shortage of cooking fuel and we need to get dog food so they have a backup stock in case it becomes impossible to cook for the dogs.
  • The spread of disease such as rabies and foot and mouth disease is still a huge risk in areas of disaster. 

We will be updating the situation as soon as we get any more updates so please keep looking at our Facebook and Twitter and latest news for any more information. 

Please support WVS emergency response and donate today