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Nepal Earthquake Appeal - Update

Wed 29th Apr 2015

The death toll in the Nepal Earthquake has been devastating. Officials say that the death toll from the 7.8 – magnitude quake has passed more than 5000 with countless others injured and missing.

WVS now have a veterinary presence in Kathmandu and are assisting animal welfare charities and organizations. More teams of vets will be joining WVS in Nepal in the next few hours as well as experts in search and rescue. 

So far it has been difficult to get a concrete image of any official numbers but what is apparent is that a huge amount of animals have already died in the initial quake.

There are still aftershocks occurring which is making rescue and recovery efforts difficult.   

With so much damage evident almost throughout the country we are linking in and working with the remaining veterinary infrastructure and alongside IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) and KAT (Katmandhu Animal Treatment Centre).

IFAW said;

“Residents are rushing to locate backyard farm animals and pets but there are no temporary sheltering solutions available for them even when found. Human evacuees, themselves, are sleeping outside of buildings wherever possible. Local organizations are reporting shock, blunt force injuries and death among the thousands of street dogs and cats in their communities.”

WVS are also preparing to help the animals in the more rural areas of Nepal. There are areas where almost all the houses have been affected. Farming is a way of life for many Nepalese families and any other further loss of their livestock will be devastating for these families.

We will be updating the situation as soon as we get any more updates so please keep looking at our Facebook and Twitter and latest news for any more information. 

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