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Nepal Earthquake Appeal - Latest

Fri 1st May 2015


WVS are working with Nepal based animal welfare organisations and charities to deploy a rapid action response.

Since the earthquake, we have been working around the clock towards securing and supporting the Nepali veterinary infrastructure and animal welfare.

Our team which includes Zoe Heinson, who is a WVS mixed practice vet who happened to be volunteering at KAT and travelling Nepal, as well as Sam and Mark Green, who are experts in search and rescue from Dog Star Foundation and are the disaster emergency relief coordinators for us. IFAW have an incredible disaster response team and have been an invaluable in supporting helping the animals and people of Nepal. On hand also to help is a large group of Nepali vet students in Bharatpur who have been trained at our international training centre in India. 

Yesterday, our team had a chance to survey areas of the Kathmandu Valley that have high canine population densities. We managed to treat a dog who had a nasty bite bite wound and badly matted fur and we brought a puppy who has mange - whose mother had died in the earthquake to KAT. Street dogs are in need of help in villages in outlying areas of the Kathmandu Valley (particularly Bungamati which has many very old houses and villages around Bhaktapur).

We keep hearing reports about farm animals in rural areas near the epicenter are likely have much greater needs for medical care, so our plan is to go into the rural areas to assess the damage. A vet who works with livestock in Kathmandu has told us about road conditions and areas with many large animals such as Yaks and we plan to meet with district officials in the affected areas.

Livestock is a priority as their loss means further economic deprivation for already poor families. Our target areas are the most affected districts of Ghorka, Lamjung, and Dhading, as well as Kavre and possibly Sindupalchowk, which are also badly affected and are closer to Kathmandu.

More details to follow soon

We will be updating the situation as soon as we get any more updates so please keep looking at our Facebook and Twitter and latest news for any more information. 

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