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Mission Rabies smashes September Target

Wed 2nd Oct 2013

During the month of September WVS volunteer teams were hard at work across India taking part in the launch of our biggest campaign to date, Mission Rabies. Teams at 12 different checkpoints were given the ambitious target of vaccinating 50,000 dogs against rabies in just 30 days. The target was not only achieved but smashed as the teams vaccinated a total of 60,304 dogs in just 28 days. 

India is the world’s rabies hot spot, with over a third of reported human cases occurring there and someone dying every thirty minutes as a result of this disease. Children from poor and marginal communities are the most affected, and over ninety-nine percent of human cases are the result of dog bites. In response to these statistics, hundreds of thousands of dogs are indiscriminately and inhumanely killed every year across India. We are doing something to combat these horrific statistics. Having already vaccinated over 60,000 dogs we have plans to vaccinate a further 2 million dogs across India in the next 3 years. This combined with providing surgical training to local vets and setting up Animal Birth Control programmes to control the number of street dogs, we hope to have a major impact in rabies eradication in India.

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