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Miracle by name, Miracle by nature!

Thu 31st Mar 2016

Meet Miracle!

Miracle was recently picked up from the streets of India by our veterinary teams for sterilisation. During this procedure, our vets discovered that the dog's diaphragm had a large hole in it and most of the dogs intestines and liver has herniated through to the thorax.

Whilst operating on the dog, the dog's heart stopped and the WVS team had to revive him back to life. After the surgery, the vets placed a vacuum to his chest so that his lungs could expand and work normally.

The vets were able to help this dog by using a thoracostomy tube which was kindly donated from a vet practice. The dog is now making a full recovery and is looking much happier!

We are helping dogs like Miracle every day as part of our on-going work to treat animals worldwide.