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Meet Dobby!

Mon 6th Feb 2017

Meet Dobby! She was brought to our Hicks ITC in Goa during the Christmas period. She had been involved in an accident and was not able to use her hind legs or stand up without assistance. Dobby was taken to our Puppy Centre where she received regular physiotherapy and massage sessions to rehabilitate her. We are delighted to report that after a combined effort, after 12 days, Dobby was able to stand up all by herself! 

Every day, Dobby has grown stronger and has been able to use her hind legs again. With continued efforts, Dobby was able to take her first few tentative steps and has now progressed to being able to run like the wind!

Dobby has now made a full recovery and has been adopted by a lovely gentleman and has fully settled into her new home.

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