Luke's November Report

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Luke's November Report

Thu 1st Dec 2016

Dear All,

Another month has raced by!! Thank you for all the amazing work you are doing.

Please find below November’s monthly update:

Volunteer Teams and parcels

Charities were sent a cumulative total of 50 parcels valued at £22,781.18 of medical supplies and equipment. Teams were in Costa Rica, Carriacou, India (Ooty and Goa) and Thailand.


Ranchi and Khunti – It has been a big month in Ranchi with a focused annual vaccination drive and an international team assisting. Thanks very much especially to Mark and Sam for joining the drive, along with Paul and Debbie who lead our Zomba Malawi Team. Fred, Jo, Rosie and Nikki are also on the ground. Over 6,000 dogs have been vaccinated, 693 dogs sterilised and over 12,000 children rabies educated in the last 30 days. The percentage coverage of the targeted wards has also been excellent. The local publicity has been outstanding and many thanks to the local Government who have been increasingly supportive of Praveen and Shakti’s herculean efforts to drive this project.

India – ITC – Please find attached Ilona’s monthly report on the activities of WVS India. Three courses have been run back to back at the ITC in Ooty and the ITC team have been the backbone to many of our programmes this last month. Thank you to an outstanding team for all their hard work in so many locations!!!

Truck – The truck has been in Bhubaneshwar, Orissa this month running a superb training course in conjunction with the Bhubaneshwar Veterinary University – feedback of this course has been exceptional.

Goa – It is with huge thanks to the Marchig Trust that we have been able to secure a grant to help support the development of the Hicks ITC in Goa this month. Karlette and Dr Ishan are working incredibly hard to drive things forward and the team have already hosted two training courses this month!!!! Please find attached Julies report on the Mission Rabies Goa project and many thanks to both her and Dr Gowri for all their continued efforts on multiple fronts!!!


Please find attached Dagmar’s report from the Thai ITC outreach project 'Cat Island' this last month. Concurrently, the team are hosting a training course in Chiang Mai and many thanks to Dr Vinay who has flown over to help run this along with Sam, a long standing and very capable WVS vet.


Zomba Rural:  

Please see the below from Paul:

It has been another busy month with Mission Rabies here in Zomba.  We wrapped up the vaccination drive in the district with numbers that broke our own personal bests and really closed it all with a bang.  Less than a week later, Debs and I were on a flight over to India to be able to lend a hand on the Ranchi project.  I have to admit, it is a very different world out here as all logistics are concerned. There needs to be a completely different approach to almost everything (on the side of the vaccination teams, at least) when you are netting strays as opposed to vaccinating dogs that have owners. It has definitely been a great learning experience and is very nice to be back with U.K. and International staff that I haven't seen for months.

As numbers go, in the two weeks that we worked during November (we finished the programme on the eleventh) we were able to administer 5,380 vaccinations - on the first week we managed 2,665, and our last week we did a staggering 2,715. By the end of the campaign we were double-teaming the last two EPAs to clean up all of the areas that were left. My teams worked extremely hard all the way to the end and I wish that I could do more to thank them.  Now all that there is left to do is sort through all of the data from the whole project and make my final reports to the Malawian and international stakeholders.  I am looking forward to seeing what all this looks like on paper at the end of the day.

During the last two weeks, we also sent four survey teams out to gather data out in the rural areas.  They walked transects through completed work zones to get an idea of how well the project worked out in the district.  Next week I will be pulling down that data to go over with Andy and I am definitely excited about the results.  


Jens sent his attached report the other day and it was uplifting reading. Mbwa Wa negotiated a no cull in this particular area and pledged to vaccinate the dogs accordingly – which they have done. It’s a great project, combines education with vaccination and provides good epidemiological evaluation of their project. This demonstrates how capacity building and synergy can really drive things on internationally and thanks very much to Jens for sharing.

Sri Lanka

Please find the attached report compiled by Jo, Mark and Sam. Absolutely knockout project and fantastic reading.

Other news

James, Emma and Fred attended the LVS, James also gave a talk at Liverpool University, Chris and Emma attended the National Pet Show. Chris additionally gave an excellent evening talk to the WI which was very well received.

Linda, Jenny and their volunteers in the bookshop/sewing room have been to several fairs this last month and worked tirelessly to promote the charities and what we stand for.

Special thanks also to the team at Wired Canvas who designed the WVS website and we won two awards for it in the last week! Great work!!!

We have the forthcoming WVS Trustee meeting in a few weeks and as well as a brilliant Christmas for us all to look forward to, it’s a fantastic time of the year for us to all get fired up and plan ahead for a winning 2017!

Very best and thanks again for all your incredible graft this month.

Rock on,