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Luke's Monthly Report - February

Thu 2nd Mar 2017

Dear all,

February has raced by. Please see the below for a summary of our collective efforts during these last 28 days!   

Parcels and Volunteers

72 parcels were dispatched in January, wholesale value totally just over £24,000. Teams have been working on projects in India (equine clinics and ITC’s in Ooty and Goa respectively), Thailand (Cat Island and ITC), Malawi, Costa Rica and Grenada.  


Please find attached Gareth’s summary report on global education. Over 24,000 children were rabies and dog educated last month. We are so close to the 1million total – very exciting!!!!!!


Ranchi – With the Khunti project now finished, the focus is back exclusively on Ranchi. Please see Praveen’s brilliant report attached with over 2,500 vaccinations completed this last month.

India – Ooty ITC – Please do read Ilona’s excellent report of the work of the WVS India teams this month. So many fantastic projects and brilliant to see the equine clinics really driving forward. Sincere thanks again to the Sir Peter O’Sullevan Charitable Trust for their support with the equine vehicle which is a phenomenal help on a daily basis. Please also note the work of the new Jamaste project in collaboration with BBF and Tibet charity.

Truck – the truck has had an exceptional month in South Goa running small group teaching courses for practically focused rural outreach campaigns and sterilising community dogs.

Goa – Hicks ITC – Karlette and her team hit the target of 1,142 sterilisations this month. Outstanding work!

Mission Rabies Goa – Julie’s comprehensive report is attached. It is inspiring reading and the work of the MR teams in Goa is outstanding. Over 4,500 vaccinations last month but with 7 rabid dogs picked up, there is still plenty to do as we focus on the outlying areas.


From Jamie (Director of Operations WVS Thailand):

“The ITC held an international training course with 12 participants led by Dr. Giacomo and an outreach clinic this month.  In total the team sterilised 542 animals and vaccinated 107 during the mass vaccination drive!  In addition we rescued and treated 45 dogs. Archer was found during the mass vaccination drive. He appeared out of nowhere and walked right up to the veterinary team!  As you can see from the picture Archer was in need of our help. We can only suspect his horrific injuries were from a car accident. Our fantastic vet Dr. Poppy performed the amputation and Archer made a full recovery. He quickly became the veterinary staff’s favourite patient!

Unfortunately the shelter was in quarantine for two weeks after a dog contracted Parvo virus.  Thanks to Ian and the shelter staff’s swift actions,the virus was isolated and contained within moments of being discovered. The quarantine was extremely effective and there were no more positive cases of parvo. The shelter reopened to the public this past Monday. Despite the closure 3 dogs were rehomed this month. Alma and Grape have been rehomed and are now enjoying the island life in the south of Thailand – please see the attached pic!  Both dogs have been at the shelter for a few years and we are thrilled to see two adult dogs rehomed in this way – a testament to the reputation of the ITC and the hard work of the staff.”


World Spay Day in Malawi – Dagmar (WVS Africa Veterinary Director, Mission Rabies Malawi Manager)

“For the last two years WVS has been supporting the animal welfare charity Blantyre SPCA in Malawi, which is offering free veterinary care for dogs in need in one of the poorest countries in the world. Initially by equipping their clinic and subsequently by sending out veterinary teams on a regular basis to run sterilisation and treatment clinics, we managed to sterilise over 2,000 dogs at the clinic – a 300% increase on previous annual figures.

Especially for children, dogs are sometimes all they have. By sterilising these dogs we are not only improving the chance of survival as the females don't have to find enough food for another two litters of puppies every year, we are also preventing TVTs, a very common sexual transmitted cancer in this part of the world. On top of this we are supporting our sister charity Mission Rabies in their fight against rabies by keeping the vaccinated dog population more healthy and stable.

None of these dogs would get any veterinary care if WVS and BSPCA wouldn't be able to offer this service for free and it is thanks to Dogs Trust and The Marchig Trust that this has been possible.”

Other news

Fred travelled to Atlanta to work with the CDC on training teams for the CDC Haiti project using the MR app which was landmark for Mission Rabies. Dr Ryan Wallace from CDC also visited Andy and Dr Gowri in Goa to give some useful feedback and advice on our work in the State.

The Vet International website will shortly be launching, thanks to BSAVA and The Marchig Trust for all their support in this – as well as the tireless work of Lizzy and Lisa in making it a reality. As a practical focused outreach tool for vets in developing countries or working on field projects around the globe, it will be fantastically useful.

It has been a month of talks in the UK, garnering support for our projects and work, several members of the team here have been involved in these and it is always uplifting to see the engagement of the profession and veterinary community in supporting our work.

Sincere thanks also to the RCVS for their support, especially Dr Bradley Viner who nominated WVS Thailand as the RCVS Presidents charity choice for 2016.

March promises to be a big month, particularly with the One Mission project coming along (thanks to Jo’s herculean efforts in Malawi) and thanks again to all those involved in securing the financial support of the Goan Government in driving Mission Rabies Goa on throughout 2017.

Very best and LET’S KEEP POWERING ON!!!!