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Luke's Mega WVS January Round Up

Fri 2nd Feb 2018

Dear Team,

What a January!!!! It’s exactly the inspiring start we all need to kick off 2018. Please scan the below for a flavour of what we need to deliver for the next 11 months and thank you for giving things such a lift off for the New Year.

 WVS Parcels and Volunteers

48 parcels out this month, £21k worth of equipment and donations. The Christmas donation parcel appeal helped charities in 46 different countries!!!!! Needless to say, Lulu got through a lot of boxes! We’ve started to collect them for next year already! We’ve also run 6 training courses between the three International Training Centres in the last 31days, including a specialist course in Goa on Imaging and Anaesthetics. I’d like to thank Louise Clark from Davies Specialist (who has helped us so much on innumerate occasions!), Raquel Sequeira and Dawn Willamson. It was an incredibly popular course, oversubscribed with Indian vets of whom we could only take 30 participants. Other international volunteers have been on trips in Bolivia, South Africa, India and Thailand.


The milestone of reaching 2m children can only be a few months away. A typically great start for the education teams this year and brilliant to see we are back to full strength in Chiradzulu district in Malawi. Gareth’s report with summary stats of 2017 attached.



ITC Goa Clinical Director Karlette Hernandez  has summarised the work of the awesome team brilliantly as the start of her report this month! 

“8 Vets trained in surgery, 30 Vets trained in anaesthesia and diagnostic imaging, 868 animal birth control surgeries, 31 adoptions, 473 clinic patients, 90 rescues, 32 special surgeries and 194 animals vaccinated at the clinic during JANUARY 2018 – Well Done Team Goa!!!”


Mission Rabies Goa Coordinator Julie Corfmat and her brilliant crew have vaccinated 10,220 dogs this month!!!! Amazing.244,301 dogs vaccinated in Goa to date! 


Ilona’s amazing report is attached. Thanks to the Sir Peter O’Sullevan Trust who awarded us a wonderful grant to drive forward the working equine programme over the next two years. We hope to do this collaboratively with the University of Edinburgh as a practically focused project that will make a massive difference to the street horses in Ooty. In addition to all the usual business of dogs and cats!!!


A new year and a new style!!! Fantastic renovations underway at the Thai ITC, 280 dogs operated on and 60 rescue cases treated. Knockout work by Ian, Dr G, Guy, Ou and the team!! 


Excerpt from Dagmar:

“It's great to have vet and nurse volunteers at the WVS clinic again! Ellie is back and it's fantastic to have an experienced nurse managing the clinic once again, it took her only a few hours until she started sorting the stock room and getting everything organised! Ellie has worked with me on several trips before and spent three months in Malawi last year. Since her last visit we received an xray machine and we have an ultrasound scanner available now, which is making a huge difference to how we are able to work at the clinic now!

 Eleonor, a vet from the UK came a week ago. This is her first volunteer trip but she got used to the setup at the clinic really quickly and has already removed a palm nut from the small intestine of a terrier, performed an exlap on a cat, sterilised dozens of dogs and will have to amputate the leg of a puppy with a terrible open fracture today. 

 Erica, a vet from the States, is arriving today and will join Eleanor and Ellie in our busy clinic from tomorrow”

Jo is currently hosting Prof Neil Sargison from Edinburgh as they push forward with the One Mission project and finish off the FAMACHA study.

We have picked up one dog with rabies in Blantyre city which is concerning – but the good news is that we think it is a dog from outside the area that has been brought in and the vaccination coverage in that area is very good. Anyone exposed has been vaccinated.


Amy and Paul led an amazing Mission Rabies vaccination drive in Tanzania with Mbwa Wa!!!! Please see the attached knockout report and thanks to Amy and Paul as well as Jens of course who have all been incredible to do such a great job again this year.

Other news

A sincere thanks to Dogs Trust Worldwide, the Marchig Trust, MSD Animal Health, CDC, University of Edinburgh, WSAVA, Rotary, The Olsen Trust and the Primrose Trust who give us the energy, support and fire to keep powering on.

Mission Rabies, International Director, Kate Shervell  worked her last day yesterday. Her input is going to missed and we all wish her well with her future plans.

Head of Communications Owen Evans is also going to be sadly leaving us in March – which at least means we have a few more team karate sessions to make sure he remembers us in the future! Owen will still be in the zone and helping us out with events and projects in the future.

The A-Z of rabies is also nearing its final final version! Thanks to Amy and Emily for their outstanding work in crafting this and it’s going to be great to share it with you all next month!

The Great news

Andy has got engaged!!!! This is January’s key team announcement and we wish him and Sarah the absolute best! True to form, he even managed to still send me some key stats reports all around the time this was going on!!!! Although I think he probably deserves the wedding day off ….. :>!

It’s a brilliant start to the year and as ever, loads to crack on with!!!!

LET’S GO!!!!!!!!