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Luke's May Update! What a MONTH!!!

Fri 2nd Jun 2017

Wow, this has been a crazy month - even for us lifesavers here at WVS! 

Parcels and Volunteers

123 veterinary aid parcels were dispatched to 54 different charities over the last 31 days, wholesale value totally just over £56,000 (GBP)!!!!!! Thank you Lulu!!!! Volunteers went out on WVS/MR trips to Malawi, India (Goa and Ooty) and Thailand. Training courses were run for Indian, Thai, Korean, Australian and Dutch vets and vet students!


This month has been very focused on the Blantyre city drive in Malawi where the teams educated over 137,000 children in just 4 weeks. Absolutely amazing. Click on the link below for our education report. 



Ranchi – Another 2,369 vaccinations completed this last month. Quite incredible considering Praveen, Shakti and Shrey were working hard in Malawi for a large part of it!!!!

India – Ooty ITC – 108 vets trained at Ooty so far this year – please see the knockout report by Ilona and a huge thanks to Dr Louise Clark from Davies for all her phenomenal support, advice and guidance regarding our field anaesthetic and analgesia protocols. We have outstanding stats on our field anaesthetics at the ITC now, comparable with most UK vet practices, and all thanks to Louise’s guidance and the diligence and competence of the ITC teams.

Goa – Hicks ITC – Karlette has been heroic this month. Not only did she get savaged by a Rottweiler (an owned dog) but she has managed a very busy and hectic schedule at the Hicks which continues to power on going from strength to strength.  The reputation of the training courses are now building and bookings are filling up for the rest of 2017.

Mission Rabies Goa – I love Julies report this month. A dog rescued that had a jar stuck on its head, another dog caught in a lake and over 5,000 vaccinations completed! The team couldn’t be working harder and are doing an incredible job. Ten rabid dogs picked up this month so still lots to do – but reports indicate no human cases reported so far this year. We can do this!!!


We reached our target and saved the ITC Thailand for a whole new chapter of animal welfare! A huge thanks to everyone involved in making this a reality! It is with great sadness we say goodbye to Jamie this month who has been an absolute force in helping drive the Thai ITC. Ian has taken the position of Director of Operations and will do an incredible job. Our current core team comprises Giacomo as Director of Veterinary Services, Guy as the ITC Manager and Ou as Head of Administration. It’s a winning team and an unbelievable thank you to the Fondation Marchig we have now secured the funding to own the centre under the WVS Thailand Foundation which is a phenomenal relief and gives us the scope to really build and empower this flagship project moving forwards. This month we had 7 Thai students attend the ITC from the local University as well as the Chiang Mai Nurse Training Course and the Pai mobile outreach clinic.

Thank you to all the Thai team who are working exceptionally hard to establish something truly amazing in the region. The ITC also had visits from Save Vietnams Wildlife to discuss training their new vets and a visit from Dr Siraya to discuss a Cambodia equine outreach project amongst other discussions relating the potential Rabies Elimination programme under the guidance of the Thai Veterinary Council. Watch this space!


To summarise the efforts of the Mission Rabies teams in Malawi this last month is very difficult simply because they have achieved so much. Please skim the attached preliminary report. It hasn’t got the full analysis because the post vaccination surveys are ongoing. As ever a phenomenal thanks to the guidance of the DAHLD, particularly Dr Patrick Chikungwa and Dr Julius Chulu, without whom the project would be impossible.

The whole team have been utterly inspiring in running this project – it requires a huge amount both personally and professionally. Dagmar and Jo have been amazing to run and lead it, not only the Mission Rabies elements but also the WVS and One Mission contributions. Many of our staff and trusted friends from our international projects flew to Malawi to assist with the epic logistics of managing the project so seamlessly and as ever an amazing thanks to all the Malawian staff and volunteers who gave time, energy and passion to make it happen.

Very best, amazing to think we’re almost halfway through the year – let’s make the second half even BIGGER!!!!!!!!!