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Luke's June Update!

Mon 3rd Jul 2017

It’s been another INCREDIBLE month for the WVS teams!

Parcels and volunteers:

62 veterinary aid parcels were dispatched over the last 30 days with a wholesale value of £28,060.49 (GBP). We have had volunteer teams in Malawi, Costa Rica, Grenada, India and Thailand. Our June training courses consisted of students from the US, Australia and India.


The total number of children educated through our predominately rabies focused education programmes now totals 1,171,602.

In Malawi, our Head of Education had the difficult task of navigating a teacher’s strike during this year’s Zomba city drive, but that didn’t stop the team from educating the community through amazing workshops! One education clinic was attended to by over 1600 people!


Goa – Hicks ITC:

Karlette and her amazing team are averaging over 1,000 sterilisations a month alongside the training courses. Karlette has also been asked to sit on a committee representing us in the Goa Small Animal Welfare Board chaired by the Chief Minister. It is fantastic to further strengthen our relations with the Goan Government in this way.

India – Ooty ITC:

Ilona and her team have had an amazing month. Aside from the training courses, the donkey clinics and the Jamste project, the ITC team with IPAN have vaccinated over 2,147 dogs in the villages of the Nilgiris district. Amazingly, 57% of all the dogs they found were sterilised! The CR unit has now arrived and we are expecting the x-ray unit to arrive at the ITC at any moment. A big thank you to Dogs Trust for all of this, not just the huge support for the ITCs and Mission Rabies but also for sponsoring an x-ray machine at Ooty. It will have a phenomenal impact on the treatment we can offer the dogs.

Jamste Project:

Dr Stacy did a wonderful job in her two-week station there – over 250 dogs operated, many treated and a great job regarding the rabies case the team dealt with. Sincere thanks to Brigitte Bardot Fondation and the Tibet charity for driving this, as well as the Marchig Trust for all their support with the vet internship programme.


2573 dogs have been vaccinated and 852 dogs sterilised this month, thanks to the work of Praveen and his team! The teams had one rabies case this month from a ward on the Ranchi boundary and we need to think about the buffer zones as they are areas of concerns where rabid dogs can still come into the city. However, there have been no human cases in the last 12 months so we’re holding the line!


Based in Goa, the truck has been under Karlette’s direction this month and the truck team, whilst working on an outreach project in the Old Goa Community were felicitated by the Indian Council for Agricultural Research. They sterilised over 200 dogs in one week, worked tirelessly and this was both a surprise and a well-deserved honour for the team.


The equine workshops are going brilliantly this year and thanks to Emma’s initiative, we have a great project shaping up under Dr Aswin’s leadership. We have started to collect the data about cases seen utilising Andy’s skill in modifying the app specifically for working equine projects. Of the 216 donkeys seen at the clinics this month we now can statistically show that 25% had nose split mutilations, 22% had their ears chopped and so on. This will allow us to generate much more scientifically grounded reports about this work and how important it is that we strive to change attitudes and do something to help these poor donkeys. Thanks to WTG and to the Peter O’Sullivan Trust for their support with running these workshops and equipping the team with a vehicle from which to conduct the projects.

Mission Rabies Goa:

4,832 dogs vaccinated this month and 8 rabid dogs picked up! The monsoon has arrived but Julie and her teams have done an incredible job. Thanks also to Dr Gowri for her tireless work on the rabies surveillance side of things!

Vet Internship Programme:

This is a new initiative we have just launched and is sponsored by the Marchig Trust. It enables four young vets who have graduated with a masters in surgery to participate on a two year rotational programme with WVS. Under the overall management of Dr Ilona, each vet will spend 3 months in Ooty, 3 months in Goa (under Dr Karlette), 3 months on the rabies response team (under Dr Gowri) and 3 months in Thailand (under Dr Giacomo). The idea is to synergise skills and energies between flagship projects, link closely with WVS working with Mission Rabies and the hope is that we can expand this and start encouraging a Thai internship programme as well.

Please read the report of the brilliant Dr Balaji, our first WVS Intern.


The course this month was a great success, the weather seems to have turned a corner and things are powering on. Please read the feedback from Dr James Forbes who kindly assisted us with running the course this month. James is a retired vet who has worked extensively on charitable projects around the world.

CDC and Haiti:

Dr Ryan, Dr Jesse and their team are driving forward some incredible international projects. We’ve been lucky enough to work with CDC by assisting their Haiti project utilising the Mission Rabies app. It’s a big honour for us, and a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the collective global effort to eliminate rabies and work with such a proactive and inspiring team. Thank you to CDC for this chance and as we strengthen ties, there are fantastic opportunities ahead to do a lot of good targeting global rabies hotspots. Exciting times!


The Zomba drive has been completed!!! The BSPCA is now officially partnered with WVS thanks to Dagmar and Fred’s huge effort. Also, a massive thanks to Ellie who has been the most fantastic vet nurse looking after so many injured animals these last few months. Thank you so much to MSD Animal Health for all their incredible support with the vaccines for the Malawi months we’ve just had – a huge number of your life saving vaccines have been administered in Malawi this year!

It’s been such a successful month with lots of exciting things happening across our projects! Let’s make July even better!!