Luke's July Update

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Luke's July Update

Tue 1st Aug 2017

It’s been another busy month for the WVS teams across the globe with LOADS going on!

Parcels and Volunteers

An incredible 118 veterinary aid parcels were dispatched in July, with a wholesale value of £28,029.47 (GBP). Much like June, we have had WVS/MR teams in Malawi, Costa Rica, Grenada, India and Thailand. Dr G ran a special One Health course at the Thai ITC for students from CSU, Australia this month which went down brilliantly and enabled the Thai teams to get to grips with rabies vaccinations programmes. Ooty ran two surgical training courses, as did Karlette at the Goa ITC.


The education report this month is a knockout! Over 36,000 children were rabies educated in India, and nearly 70,000 in Malawi! The teams have been on fire and to realise we are now achieving 80% coverage of all school children aged between 5-16 in many of our project sites is absolutely brilliant. Thank you to everyone working so hard on this vital aspect of our work. It makes a massive difference and we’re seeing the benefits not just with regards to the stories of children knowing what to do when bitten, but also the continued trend in decreasing dog bite incidence in project sites and the increased support from communities at our static point vaccination clinics.


Mission Rabies Goa – over 5,000 dogs were vaccinated this month and four rabid dogs picked up. Julie’s report is excellent and features a brilliant press article that was published about MR. Gowri, Andy and Karlette, along with several of the team, attended the APCRI conference (hosted in Goa!!) this year which enabled the project to be showcased to the international rabies community. A huge lift all round. Congratulations to Vinay, Karlette, Amanda, Ilona and Gowri for winning the poster competition for WVS India and Ashok and the Mission Rabies Education team for being close runners up!!!

Goa – Hicks ITC – Karlette and her amazing team are keeping the pace with achieving another month of almost 1,000 sterilisations alongside the training courses. Please read Karlette’s WVS Hicks ITC Goa July report which is brilliant!

Ranchi – over 2000 dogs vaccinated and 965 dogs sterilised this month. Praveen and his team are a force as ever! Dr Murugan has been in Ranchi this month driving forward the education work and has made his usual impact on the project through his visit. Over 16,000 students and teachers were rabies educated this month alone!

India – Ooty ITC – Dr Aswin has been a powerhouse this last month running things alongside Dr Vinay and the team in Ilona and Nigel’s absence. The training courses have gone great and the X-ray machine is now in place and functioning!! We have even installed flushing toilets at the ITC this month – it may have taken six years – but we are WINNING!!!!

Truck – The truck has now headed up to Nagpur under Dr Shashi’s direction and is doing sterling work!


Please find the excellent report below by Jens on his Mbwa Wa / MR vaccination programme this month. Fantastic!!


Ian, Dr G, Guy, Ou and the team are flat out as ever. The big Australia One Mission course has been a focus alongside an outreach to Pai. The team continue to be inspiring and driving the Thai ITC forwards on all fronts. The purchase for the ITC is now in its final stages and repairs have gone well over the last month, really giving the centre and the team a boost.


Please read Dagmar’s monthly report for the outstanding work of the Malawi project (both MR and WVS). Very sad to read about the monkey and the dog with the rubber band – but equally a good reason why Dagmar, Jo, Paul and Debbie are there helping power things forward.

Other news

We are striving hard to build our campaign for a national Malawi rabies elimination programme. The One Mission project is driving forward and the MSD Fellows are now in Malawi, alongside Prof Neil Sargisson (Edinburgh) and Eithne to push forward the livestock aspects of this vital programme. We’ve been approached to assist with an injured bull elephant in Kruger which we are gearing up to help with and our wildlife internship programme is starting to take shape.  It is wonderful to broaden the scope and skillset of what WVS and MR have to offer and very exciting to seize opportunities to champion more animals on as many fronts as possible.

Edinburgh University are a continued and huge support to our work, bringing a robust scientific credibility to our endeavours which is empowering us on multiple fronts and we are looking forward to developing this relationship. Natascha is currently in Goa looking at the practical work of the ITC and evaluating this for publication, pain scoring animals post-surgery and assessing the protocols we use which should be very exciting as it progresses.

Thanks again to everyone for such awesome powers. LET’S DRIVE IT ON FOR A WINNING AUGUST!!!!!!!!