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Luke's July update

Tue 2nd Aug 2016

It has been a fantastic July and thanks to everyone for working so hard and driving such great results:

Volunteer Teams and parcels

70 medical aid parcels valued at £43,016.02 were dispatched to associated charities around the world. Vet teams were sent to South Africa, Thailand, India, Malawi and Greece.


Ranchi and Khunti – 2333 street dog vaccinations were administered in Ranchi city and 1,717 vaccinations in the Khunti district. Child rabies education stats totaled 9,353 this month.

To find out more, read the below report

Mr Ranchi's Report

India – ITC – Two courses (one Indian and one International) were completed this month. The 107th training course is now underway!

Ilona and her team managed some heroic surgery on ‘Blacky’ the puppy – removing a huge bone lodged in his oesophagus.


3,111 dogs were vaccinated this month and also managed to liberate a huge monitor lizard that was rampaging through someone’s house!

Please find attached a great report by Julie with some brilliant pictures of the education work there this month.

Mission Rabies Goa

It is also wonderful to welcome the IAR Goa team who have now joined WVS India and will be forming the Hicks India Training Centre in Goa, which is a fantastically exciting extension to our work in the State.


Nagpur Truck training – The truck is proving a continued and phenomenal asset to our work in India – both as an ambassador for MR and as an outreach training unit to WVS. Attached is Antony’s report for the truck this month (NGP TT). As of next year, the plan is to have the truck based for several months in Goa, working synergistically with the Mission Rabies programme and the Hicks India Training Centre.

Truck Training Report


The Thai team once again, had been outstanding this last month. Please see the attached pictures of Meatball when rescued and one week later; after the team had started treatment – it just goes to show how quickly some of these horrendous conditions can be resolved.

There were ten adoptions last month – Federal is a particularly moving case with the most horrific injuries to all four legs.  The front left paw was completely broken and only a piece of infected skin kept the paw attached to the leg.  Maiju was able to save him by treating the wounds and amputating the leg.  He now has a home, but please do watch the video below, which tells his story:


The annual Mission Rabies vaccination programme with the ‘Big Fix Uganda’ was a great success – 6,210 animals vaccinated!

Despite several of the team’s luggage enjoying a separate vaccination in Dubai for the best part of a week, the wristbands made it and the report will be published shortly. Thanks very much to Jo and Fred for all their hard work on the ground, not to mention the incredible Big Fix team whom we are honoured to partner with in this.


Both the Blantyre district programme and the Zomba district programmes are now underway. Tarryn and Paul are flat out.

Mission Rabies Vaccination Field Project Weekly Report

International Veterinary Manager, Dagmar goes out to join Jo (who has gone straight from Uganda to Malawi (!). Eithne is also working incredibly hard on the ‘One Health’ calf project. More on all these projects next month as we start to pull together the results.

Other news

Andy went to India to present at the APCRI conference in Bangalore. It was a big, high profile conference attended by WHO (World Health Organisation) and he did a brilliant job – thank you to Andy for this. The Blantyre publication is also now out and can be found at this link.

I’d like to welcome both Stella and Natascha to the team! Stella is a post doc joining Mission Rabies and Natascha is also a post doc joining WVS. It is thanks to Edinburgh University and our key supporters that this is possible and hugely exciting for us to be driving forward the professional and scientific profile of our work.

SYNERGY between the charities is the key and we’re building something fantastic.

August is going to be a winner!

Let’s keep at it!!!

Rock on and very best,