Luke's January 2017 Report

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Luke's January 2017 Report

Thu 2nd Feb 2017

Dear All,

Below is the summary of January’s achievements. Fantastic to be kicking off 2017 with so much going on! This month is already landmark as we have just vaccinated out 500,000th street dog with the Mission Rabies projects!!! Amazing!!!! We are also on the cusp of having educated 1,000,000 children through the MR education programme – ninja rolls to celebrate when we hit that incredible figure.   

Volunteers and Parcels

45 parcels valued at £30,475.13 were sent out this month. Volunteer teams were in Ooty, Goa, Grenada, Tanzania and Thailand. 


Ranchi and Khunt – please see Praveen’s knockout January report attached below. 2885 vaccinations completed this month, 760 dogs sterilised and a huge amount of PR by the team in local papers. MR is now recognised at State Level within Jharkland. Our World Rabies day event will be in Ranchi this year as we mark the end of the three-year vaccination cycle within the city (and no rabies deaths we hope for 2016 and 2017!)

India – ITC – Ilona has compiled the attached reports on the activities of the Ooty ITC this month. Two surgery courses were successfully run by Ilona and her team – all courses are fully booked until August already. The campaign for the rabies free Nilgris is also going very well thanks to the thoroughness and professionalism of the WVS India team.

Kollegal project – attached is the initial survey report and for the Jamtse Animal Care Campaign. It is an honour for us to work with the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and Tibet Charity for this very exciting and worthwhile project. 

Truck – the truck is now back in Goa and running small group teaching courses for practically focused rural outreach campaigns.

Goa – Please read Julie’s excellent report – 3,942 dogs vaccinated in January and 10 rabies cases picked up. Julie, Dr Gowri, Andy, Karlette amongst the rest of the team are working tirelessly in Goa to synergise the MR project with our base at the Hicks ITC. One area we need to build on is a dedicated rabies response team as public awareness about rabies continues to soar so this is a focus for the next couple of months. We are all very much looking forward to the CDC visit in a couple of weeks and a brilliant honour to have their support and guidance as we crack on.

The lab is now up and running, thank you to Dr Gowri who has been an absolute champion for Mission Rabies both within Goa, but also representing us at various conferences. Thanks also to Dr Murugan for his powers on assisting us with the Government advocacy to keep supporting our programme (as well as driving on all the education work!).


We’d like to welcome Giacomo as Acting Veterinary manager, it is brilliant to have Giacomo back on the team after the 2013 Mission Rabies drive! Also a big thanks to Farida who is making such a fantastic impact with her help. The Thai team are outstanding and the centre is set to grow from strength to strength. A big congratulations to Ian as well on the brith of his son! 

The below is from Jamie (Director of Operations WVS Thailand):

“January was a great start to the year!  Dr. Aswin from the India ITC joined us and led two training courses where 25 participants were trained.  We received great feedback from the students with many saying the course exceeded their expectations and was a fantastic learning experience.  In total this month we sterilized 351 animals and completed two mass vaccination drives where we vaccinated another 522 animals against rabies.  

The WVS Care for Dogs shelter had 4 adoptions and rescued 47 dogs this month!  One case always stands out as a favorite and that was Duk Dik this month.  She was rescued from a small village about 2.5 hours away with an owner that was unable to afford treatment.  Duk Dik was suffering with a large mammary gland tumor for over 4 months before she came into our care.  One of our fantastic Thai vets, Dr. Kai, performed the surgery and Duk Dik made a full recovery.  She received lots of love from the staff during her recovery time!”


Please find attached the 2016 final report written by Tarryn outlining the outstanding vaccination drive in Chiradzulu district. Thank you for this Tarryn and we all wish you the absolute best for the next few months as you head off on maternity leave. Looking forward to hearing the super good news.


The annual drive with Mbwa Wa went well in Tanzania – 4,575 dogs were vaccinated with a coverage of 75% (final report will be released soon). Many of us know that Jo, Paul and Jens dealt with a very serious situation regarding one of our international volunteers who developed a brain aneurysm during her stay with us. Thankfully all is well, the update is that the volunteer was emergency evacuated to a hospital in Nairobi and emergency surgery was performed. Thoughts are with her and her family during her recovery and a sincere thanks to the team leaders who managed everything so competently and fast. This does also underline how important it is that all of us are up to speed with our health and safety protocols as when emergencies happen, speed can be essential. Thank you again to all involved in handling this and managing such a difficult situation so well.


The new monthly education report summarising this vital aspect of our Mission Rabies work is attached. Thanks to Gareth for compiling this and as we blast into 2017, we now have Gareth as Head of International Education, Debbie heading up Africa Education, Sam heading up Asia Education and Dr Murgan heading up India Education with Shakti in Ranchi and Ashok in Goa. What a team!

Other News

Jo and Dagmar are both now stationed in Malawi driving forward the One Mission initiative with MSD Animal Health amongst other projects! Kate is heading off on maternity at the end of the week and we wish her the very best as well, both her and Tarryn will no doubt be high fiving baby pictures before we know it, Fred did a great talk for us at Cambridge University and the MR 2016 annual report will be available by the end of the week for anyone wishing to download it. Please do contact the team if you would like a copy of this (and haven’t received one).

Nikki is leaving MR education – thank you for all your help over the last eight months Nikki!

Thanks again to everyone for all the incredible graft this month – it is impossible to have wished for a better start to the year.

Rock and roll, let’s make February amazing!