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Luke's February Update!

Mon 5th Mar 2018

What a month!

We have had snow at WVS HQ! Admittedly about 1cm but snow nevertheless! It counts! So whilst Fred constructs a Mission Rabies snowman out the back of the office, please scan the below for an uplifting kick off to March!!!!

Parcels and Volunteer Teams

  • 61 parcels of power were sent out in the last 28 days with a total value of £29,267.07.
  • Teams have been in Romania, Costa Rica, Botswana, Bolivia, India and Thailand.
  • We have run a specialist anaesthesia course at the Hicks ITC, as well as two standard surgical training courses. Likewise two courses in Ooty and two in Thailand have been training vets.


As a cumulative total of children, teachers and community members rabies educated – we have now passed the 2m mark!!!! The big target is 2m children though so we will save the celebration for that milestone. It’s a great start, the carnival in Goa was a brilliant effort and please read Gareth’s report below. Gareth has asked me to pass on his sincere thanks to Debbie and Dr Murugan for their outstanding work and contributions this last month.


We are now running a rabies surveillance programme in Ranchi and vaccinating dogs only caught for sterilisation. An outstanding report and Praveen is now wearing multiple hats for the team, having accepted the position of WVS India / Mission Rabies Operations and Logistics Manager.  Thanks to Praveen for all his energy, focus and determination in making our projects succeed.


The Hicks has done incredibly in the last 18 months - a testament to Karlette and her team. 1258 sterilisations, 488 clinic patients as well as 93 rescues!!!!

Julie has submitted a typically excellent report which outlines 6,709 dogs having been vaccinated in Goa in February as well as the oral bait distribution study. Four rabid dogs were picked up over the last few weeks. The rescue case with the abdominal snare is quite something.

A sincere thanks to Andy who has just returned from the field in Goa and has tirelessly worked on developing the project.


Ilona is currently flat out running our first working equine programme thanks to the Sir Peter O’Sullevan Trust and WTG. It is an incredibly worthwhile venture and will make a significant difference to the health and welfare of many suffering equines on the streets of Ooty and in the surrounding area. I’d also like to thank Patrick Pollock FRCVS who is a Specialist Equine Surgeon and runs the Equine Surgery Department at Edinburgh for all his help and support in shaping the course content and structure.



A hugely positive 28 days for the Thai ITC. Dr G’s report is below. Thanks to Ian, G, Guy, Ou and the team for their fantastic work and to Fon for driving all the outreach initiatives. Great to see the links with Burma strengthening and brilliant course feedback as well as great rescue cases.

Thanks to Amy for all her help and support at the Thai ITC these last few weeks.


Please find attached Dagmar’s report regarding the ongoing work of MR and WVS. As ever a huge thanks to Dr Patrick and the DAHLD for their guidance and steer in driving things forward in Malawi.

Breaking news from Dagmar is below – please find the track attached! It’s brilliant!

I'm very happy to be able to present you a Mission Rabies song in chichewa.

Jo and I have asked two of the Malawian education officers (William Banda and Sam Chidothi) who have recorded songs in the past if they could make a Mission Rabies 'tithetse chiwewe' song and this is the latest version which has been recorded in Ndirande last week. 

The information of the song is 

- importance of bringing dogs for vaccination

- dog bite first aid (if you get bitten ash the wound, go to the hospital ad get vaccinations)

- dog animal welfare (treat your dogs well, feed them, give them shelter, don't throw stones or treat them badly)


I hope you enjoy it, the kids we played it to so far loved it and started to dance straight sway....We will play this song over the loudspeakers when the sensitisation teams are going around the city to advertise the upcoming vaccination campaign and we will also try and get it to the radio stations and ask the local newspapers to write about it. 

 All the best


Other news

Outside of the core projects, it’s been a period of presentations, trustee meetings (both charities) and building up for the forthcoming projects due to launch in the next couple of months. We had a meeting with Mary Thompson from the RCVS Vet Futures committee, exploring how WVS can support this initiative, also a great meeting with IDT about oral bait vaccines which was very interesting.

I have attached a report from Dr Balaji who is one of our interns on the three monthly rotation programme between our projects. Dr Balaji is a hugely positive member of the team and his report is brilliant. Thank you to him and to all our other phenomenally capable interns. They are often unsung heroes in our projects and give a huge amount to driving things on.

I’d also like to thank the Olsen Trust for their support, encouragement and inspiration in championing so many animal welfare initiatives globally. We’ve been lucky enough to have been awarded a grant from them this month and pledge to put that to a fantastic cause where we can make a significant impact for animal welfare.

Thanks again to everyone for your hard work and let’s keep up with the fantastic start we have had to 2018!