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Luke's December Update and 2017 Summary!!

Tue 2nd Jan 2018

Happy New year!!! We’ve made it!!! An awesome 2017 for both charities with outstanding achievements by both teams, made only possible by our fantastic staff, volunteers and donors. Thank you to everyone for making this year one to remember with some of our best results to date.

WVS Parcels and Volunteers

The final total for this year is close to £400,000 worth of medicines and equipment sent out to animal charities and over 900 aid parcels around the world. Our target for this year was £325,000 so a huge congratulations to Lulu, Linda and our incredible volunteers who have been such a phenomenal support this year. 

WVS Vets Trained

In the last 12 months we’ve run 82 surgical training courses between the truck, Ooty, Goa and Thailand, trained 656 vets, sterilised 22,303 animals and treated 5,897 animals that were presented to the ITCs for treatment. Again, these top line stats have exceeded all targets and are a testament to the amazing teams powering the International Training Centres forward. A huge thank you to Dogs Trust, The Marchig Trust, BBF and all our sponsors and supporters without whom none of this would be possible.


We have rabies educated 847,223 people in 2017! This is incredible and again huge congratulations to the whole team of international staff who have focused on this and made such a success of driving this vital aspect of the charity forwards.

Mission Rabies

705,116 dogs vaccinated in 1583 days since the project launched! We've also educated almost 2 million people about rabies and we are on track to achieve zero rabies deaths in the entire Indian State of Goa, Ranchi City, Blantyre District, Chiradzulu and Zomba by 2020. All of these project sites have seen a sharp decline in rabies incidence and the Mission Rabies teams are simply a phenomenal force for good, achieving what many people thought would be impossible. The entire state of Goa was covered this year to 70% which equates to 267 dogs being vaccinated every single day throughout 2017 (97,596 vaccinations this year!). Malawi is a fraction less at 90,748 dogs vaccinated this year!!!

As ever, none of our projects would be possible without incredible teams, sponsors and forward-thinking Governments and individuals therein who have guided, shaped and enabled these projects to be realised. Thanks in particular to the Indian Government and the Malawi government, especially Dr Patrick Chikungwa and the DAHLD in Malawi.

Dec reports

The monthly reports of power are below and they are excellent as ever! Thank you to the project managers and teams for finishing the year/starting the next on such a fantastic high! Rabid jackals, rescued snakes – fantastic work!!! 

WVS Thailand - 

WVS India Working Equine Clinic - 

WVS Goa - 

Malawi - 

Mission Rabies Education - 

Mission Rabies Goa - 

Mission Rabies Ranchi - 


New year, new challenges!

The 2018 WVS goals are to send out £500,000 worth of veterinary equipment and medicines to support organisations working on the frontline of animal welfare, to train over 700 vets/vet students and animal welfare/rabies educate 1 million people. We need to expand our work supporting endangered species, help more charities and embrace the expansion of our ITCs as hubs for regional outreach projects. The working equine initiatives with Ilona and Nigel in Ooty are hugely exciting, as are the strengthening links with Edinburgh bringing research and strategic thinking into our practical endeavours. Andy’s app offers us a unique platform on which to build all sorts of new studies.

As for rabies vaccinations, surveillance and driving forward canine rabies elimination – we have to cover Goa and Blantyre again, we need to work on active surveillance across our project sites and build on our One Mission initiatives. Mission Rabies has new projects in the pipeline to launch, all whilst striving to build on the existing ones and keep growing, learning and focusing on making as much difference as possible. Thanks to the encouragement and support from Dogs Trust, MSD Animal Health, The Marchig Trust, CDC, WHO, OIE, experts such as Prof Rupprecht, WSAVA, APHA, our new US trustees to mention but a few, we have huge potential to really build on our first three years and start to cement foundations for new, impactful and sustainable projects.

In short – 2018 is going to be brilliant. Let’s keep seizing the moment and fire it up!!!!!!!!

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!