Lamut Before Treatment - Luke's December Report

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Luke's December Report

Tue 3rd Jan 2017

Dear all,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As we blast forward for a WINNING 2017 – below is the summary of December’s achievements. Thank you to the teams for driving things on as ever!   

I love the two pictures of an injured dog called Lamut pictured in the gallery from Jamie (WVS Thailand), in a way, they sum up the work of both WVS and MR - making a difference where it matters. Our 2016 results are knockout on all fronts – Mission Rabies vaccinated it’s half a millionth dog last week - and thanks again to all the incredible teams, sponsors (particularly Dogs Trust, The Marchig Trust and MSD Animal Health) and our supporters who make our projects win. 


Ranchi and Khunti – please see Praveen’s knockout December report below. An outstanding year for Praveens team with no human rabies cases reported this year – incredible!

India – ITC – Ilona and her team celebrated the end of their 24th course on the 23rd December! Averaging 2 courses a month for 2016!!! Dr Aswin and two Danish volunteers also ran a great working equine project in Theni – thanks again to the Sir Peter O’Sullivan Trust in supporting the equine vehicle for this work!

Truck – the specialist dermatology course run from the truck in conjunction with Bhubaneshwar University with European Specialist Dr Anita Patel was a huge success. Over 90 delegates participated and feedback was outstanding. It is fantastic to see the versatility of the truck from running surgical outreach in remote rural areas one month to specialist training courses at Universities the next.

Goa – Please read Julie’s excellent report – over 6,500 dogs vaccinated this last month!!!

Dr Nicolette Hayward, another European specialist, also ran a specialist imaging course at the Hicks ITC for us. Thanks hugely to the EAVDI and BCF for sponsoring this. Over 40 delegates registered, 25 of whom were facilitated during the 4 day course. There were a mixed group of participants, feedback was exceptional and huge thanks to Nic, Karlette and Sarah for making this work. Karlette’s comments are below:

From Karlette (Operations Manager and Clinical Director Hicks ITC):

It's been a great experience! I have learned so much about event management, team work and of course US and Xray. I even got the opportunity to be Dr. Nic's patient . Dr. Vinay was a huge support to the training program, and demonstrated superior knowledge and teaching skills in X Ray diagnostics. The enthusiasm of Dr. Manthana and Dr. Bhuvana was appreciated, especially with preparing the sand bags and jelly moulds for the US practical sessions.  Thanks to the HITC team for holding the fort together during the 4-day training program.”

A very big thank you to Dr Murugan and Dr Gowri for chasing up the second instalment from the Goan Government for our continuing programme in the state next year, also to Julie for her work with the District commissioners and phenomenal diligence in helping achieve such great results with the Mission Rabies programme in Goa this year.


From Jamie (Director of Operations WVS Thailand):

“December was another busy month for the WVS Care for Dogs Shelter with 35 rescue cases!  We saved many dogs with injuries from car accidents, severely infected wounds, poor skin conditions, TVT and sadly a few abuse cases.  One dog was thrown out of a moving car onto the side of the road and two dogs came into our care with eye injuries from sling shots that required eye removals.  Our fantastic Vet team stayed busy with treatments and surgeries including 5 amputations.  Early one morning Jolene was waiting at our front gate with horrific injuries to her front right paw.  This was a two week old injury by the time she came into our care.  The bone was completely broken and exposed.  She received immediate veterinary care and recovered perfectly from the amputation. 

The shelter successfully rehomed 7 dogs in December.  Lamut was found abandoned about 2 months ago and suffering from severe mange and had eye infections in both eyes.  As you can see from the pictures she had almost no hair!  Lamut received weekly treatments and now looks like a completely different dog.  We are very happy to share that she found a lovely home and is settling in perfectly. 

The ITC completed a training course led by the amazing Dr. Vinay from the Indian ITC.  We had 12 students and received excellent feedback.  I just received an email from a student today who said “I thoroughly enjoyed the course, learnt an incredible amount, and loved getting to know all the WVS staff and dogs. Those two weeks will definitely be a highlight of my veterinary training and I’ll certainly be recommending the course to others!”  Two other students have already signed up for another course!  In total we sterilized 158 dogs and vaccinated another 194 at the mass rabies vaccination drive in December.  For the entire year we have sterilised 3,740 animals and vaccinated 5,820.”


Paul and Debbie have now returned to Malawi from Ranchi and things will start to gear up again for 2017 as Dagmar travels over to lead Blantyre and Blantyre District whilst giving Tarryn a solid high five as she heads off to SA for the birth of her second child and maternity leave. Tarryn has been a total force this year - thank you so much! Jo is also heading over to Malawi to lead the One Mission initiative – watch this space!

Other news

Special thanks to Heather McKay who has completed two 5 km park runs for WVS - both on New Years Day morning! Colin McDermott and Matt Backhouse who are heroic and cycling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai (with New Hope's Ian as support crew!) to raise money for WVS Thailand, Linda (Supporter Care and WVS Shop Manager)for generally being awesome and doing more cake sales and raffles for us from the bookshop and Chris (Logistics Support Officer) for his exceptional Father Christmas work (!) at the Garden Centre in Cranborne (donated money to WVS).

Very best and thanks again for all your incredible graft this year. WHAT A TEAM!!!!!!!!

Rock on 2017 – LET’S FIRE IT UP!!!!!!!