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Luke's Awesome November Report

Fri 1st Dec 2017

Dear Team,

Santa hats at the ready!!! It’s always an incredible challenge to try to keep these monthly updates brief (virtually impossible given the knockout projects on the go!) but please find November’s top line stats below:

Parcels and Volunteers

43 parcels of power have been sent out this month, valued at just over £11,000. Teams went out to India, Thailand, Grenada and South Africa, the Truck has been running a course in Bhubaneshwar with the vet school, courses have been running at all three ITC’s (Ooty, Goa and Thailand) and WVS Thailand ran an outreach project to Lanta.


We have educated over 614,000 children in 2017 alone about the issues of rabies. We’ve increased our outreach to children, teachers and communities in every area since 2016. Thanks to an incredible team for driving this so well, and thanks to all the published research we have now done on this, we know it makes a massive difference. See our Head Of Education, Gareth Thomas' report below.


Goa – as the Mission Rabies teams recover from an outstanding vaccination drive over the last six weeks, it has been full go for Karlette, Nigel and the team at the Hicks ITC. This month has seen Karlette run a specialist training course for 40+ vets on emergency critical care and neurology, 500+ ABC surgeries, 500+ treatments at the clinic, 80+ rescues, and 15000+ vaccinations! Totally inspirational. Karlette’s amazing report here. 

Ranchi – having vaccinated and sterilized 70% plus of the dog population in the entirety of Ranchi city and achieving ZERO human rabies deaths for last 18 Months, Praveen and his team have been hunting dogs from the border areas of the city. There has also been a lot of focus on developing a canine surveillance system in the wake of 2018 project planning. Praveen’s Ranchi monthly report attached! 

India – Ooty ITC – Ilona continues to be amazing. We are now launching the working equine programme and sincere thanks to the Sir Peter O’Sullevan Trust, WTG and the Marchig Trust for all their fantastic support with this project. It will do so much good and help a tremendous number of working equines in desperate need of care.  A huge thanks to Dogs Trust (as ever) as the ultrasound has now arrived and is already hard at work!!! 


What a great month!!!!! With over 50 rescue dogs being brought to the centre from Chiang Mai, it has been flat out but Dr G’s report is uplifting. The news about the Chiang Mai Municipality is landmark and it is fantastic to be working with the Government and inspiring/training the Thai vets and vet students. The story about ‘Lemon’ is great!!! 


Dagmar is a total force. For anyone in doubt please see the attached Malawi monthly report. The cases, the team, the whole ethos of this project is exactly what WVS and Mission Rabies are about. 

Other news

A particular thanks to Rotary and Dr Colin Burrows for their immense support with a grant for the Mission Rabies teams in Goa. Thanks to Rotary we now have three vehicles for the teams and scooters on the way!!! It is a huge honour for us to be the recipient of this global grant and we are on fire to do it justice.

As we hit December, it’s all about the Parcel Appeal this month. Things quieten down (a bit!) on the trips, so the focus is on getting as much veterinary equipment and meds to places that need it most. We’ve launched this Christmas Parcel Appeal so please pass the link around and let’s make it a record breaking parcel month!!!!

Also – just a big and personal thank you to the entire team for making this year so amazing. We’re in the final month of 2017 now, but it’s already been one of the best years ever for both WVS and MR. It’s a phenomenal privilege to work with you all and the scope of what we are now doing is simply fantastic. Every single project seems to be getting stronger and stronger and it’s all down to a united team that continually go the extra mile. It’s worth it and monthly updates like this prove we can, and do, make a difference.

ROCK ON!!!!!!!!