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Luke's August Monthly Update

Fri 1st Sep 2017

It’s always the best bit of my month putting this together. Thanks again for all your continued hard work and fantastic achievements on so many fronts!!

Parcels and Volunteers

120 parcels dispatched, wholesale value totalling £71,113.22!! We have had vet teams in Costa Rica, Grenada, Botswana, South Africa, Malawi, India and Thailand these last few weeks. The ITC in Ooty has run two back to back courses of 10 and 12 participants respectively, the Hicks has also run 2 fully booked courses and WVS Thailand had a fully booked course. The shop in Cranborne has also had a record breaking month and Linda has been amazing driving things on with her support network of local volunteers who have raised nearly £2,000 for us!!!!! Thank you Linda!!!


The education teams have now educated over 1.5m people across our flagship project sites. Gareth has written the attached report which is excellent.

Dagmar and the team are doing some phenomenal work in Blantyre and Chiradzulu with health clinics. Debs and the teams in Zomba are ploughing on with community education this month while two of our education officers in Zomba, Yaminka and Rustica, did a brilliant job of identifying and reporting a rabid dog in Zomba District!

The teams in Ranchi and Goa continue to improve under Murugan and Sam’s guidance, which is fantastic.


Mission Rabies Goa – over 5,500 dogs were vaccinated this month and 5 rabid dogs picked up. We are on track for an excellent year of vaccinating dogs in Goa and to date there have been no human deaths in the State this year. Long may it continue!

Goa – Hicks ITC – It is now exactly one year since we took over the Hicks Centre in Goa!!!!!!! Thanks to Karlette and her amazing team, the adoptions and foster programme is up and running, we are sterilising about 1,000 dogs a month as well as running the MR-WVS rabies response programme with the uber capable Dr Gowri. A huge thanks to all involved, especially our key sponsors of Dogs Trust and the Marchig Trust as well as Nigel, Ilona and WVS India as a whole without whom none of this would be possible.

Ranchi – Despite break in Vaccination and Surgeries this month due to shifting of Praveen’s ABC Centre, the team managed to get 2178 Vaccinations and Operate 779 dogs. Praveen also managed to fit in a trip to Afghanistan working with the Mayhew on launching a rabies programme in Kabul utilising the MR app!!!!

PDF icon mr_ranchi_report_-_august_2017.pdf

India – Ooty ITC – the team hit the 20,000 surgery mark this month!!!! Please note the big DT cake!!!!! The X-ray machine is now fully operational and already saving lives. The work of Ilona and her team is totally inspiring.

Truck – The truck has had an amazing month running back to back training courses and outreach surgery camps in Nagpur with Dr Shashi, Dr Hari and Dr Nawas. Absolutely brilliant and the pictures in this report are ace. Fantastic to see such strong links with the veterinary colleges who are engaging and supporting the truck as it travels around.


Ian, Dr G, Guy, Ou and the Thai Team have done outstanding work this month. WVS is so lucky to be working with such an amazing team driving forward the centre. Ian’s report is below and the eye remove pictures on the attachment are one of the 50 rescues they attended to this last month:

The month started with a busy and successful ITC course training 11 students from around the world and coaching our two new Thai vets through the WVS protocols of animal birth control. Two outstanding volunteer vets from Australia, Jane & Andrew, assisted with the course and enjoyed their time with us so much they extended their stay for a few days once the training course was completed.

We are continuing with our efforts to rehome the dogs inherited when we took over the day to day running of the shelter. With another dog going home today, we are thrilled to have seen 6 of our residents find their way into loving and secure homes with caring new owners in August. Over the last year or so, WVS has managed to bring the shelter number down by close to 50% and will continue to focus on rehoming the dogs that have spent far too long in the confines of a shelter environment.

The sale of the property, which includes the old shelter and the International Training Centre, is set to be completed at the end of September. The shelter will be completely removed from the site to make way for a purpose built Canine Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre. The new centre will be focused on helping out the most extreme cases reported to WVS Thailand and ensuring that each dog has the chance to recover from both physical and mental trauma they have suffered during their life on the streets. We will continue to offer medical support and treatment for all street dogs that are reported to WVS in northern Thailand in an out-patient capacity where we will Rescue, Rehabilitate (including sterilisation) and then Return whenever possible.

Throughout the month of August the team were able to respond to more than 50 rescue cases and sterilised 378 street dogs/cats from the greater Chiang Mai area. August was also the first month where we were able to use our new laser for treatment of a rescue case named Bella (see pics) as well as several other cases where the treatment proved to be extremely beneficial in aiding the recovery process.

The WVS Thailand report would not be completed without a special mention and huge thanks to the WVS India intern Dr. Stacy. Our Clinical Director (Dr. Giacomo) has taken a well deserved holiday after working almost 8 months non-stop to bring WVS Thailand up to it's full potential, Dr. Stacy has been on hand to assist the Thai veterinary team during his absence. Her enthusiasm, energy and compassion for the animals in our care has been exceptional and she is proving to be a fantastic ambassador for WVS India.”


Dagmar has also had a winning month saving lives. Please read her report which is attached. The TVT case is remarkable and shows what can be done in these extreme cases with the right course of vincristine. Jo and the MSD Fellows are doing incredibly hard work looking at the health and welfare of livestock (goats) in the rural Malawian communities. Thanks to all the donors and supporters of our endeavours in Malawi and particularly Professor Neil Sargison from Edinburgh and Eithne who both visited the One Mission project to help steer its progression and lend their expert advice and energy.

Other news

A big thanks to Dr Ryan Wallace from CDC who took the time to come and meet with us, discuss synergy between CDC rabies initiatives and Mission Rabies in collaboration with the team at Edinburgh University. Fred represented us at the PRP meeting in Zurich, the app is driving forward on all fronts, Vet International is steadily progressing and we are gearing up for a crazy September with nearly all the team out on trips.

Our new Mission Rabies intern Amy Lewis says : “If you find a job you love, you’ll never work again” I never thought I’d be quoting Churchill, but that pretty much sums up what a dream it is to work for this inspiring Charity. I’m off to Sri Lanka in a couple of days and absolutely can’t wait  to get back into the daily routine of early morning vaccinations and working in the most incredible locations with even more incredible people!

Welcome to the team, Amy!

There is a mega challenge for Mission Rabies underway this month – have a look and take on our #Zeroby30 Challenge & help us to eliminate Rabies by 2030: !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again for all your powers this last month. Let’s bring on the next one!!!!