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Luke's April Update!

Wed 2nd May 2018

Please find below April’s update of awesomeness!

Parcels and Volunteer Teams

  • It’s been a big month with 212 parcels sent out!!!!!!! Many of these were veterinary textbooks totaling over £18,503 in value!
  • Teams have been in South Africa, Romania, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Malawi, Grenada, Gambia, India and Thailand.
  • We have run three surgical training courses in Ooty (1 working equine, 2 small animal), three in Goa and one in Thailand with three additional outreach trips (including one to Burma!!!)


We’ve beaten the target set for end of June by a month!!! We have passed the landmark of 1million children being rabies educated in Malawi. Congratulations to the incredible team that have made this possible. Please read Gareth’s education report below.


We’re now running a rabies education programme, rabies response squad and supporting the amazing sterilisation/vaccination work conducted by Praveen and his team at HOPE Animal Rescue. 10,432 people educated this month!!! An excellent report below!


Another landmark event. Sincere thanks to Dr Ryan Wallace from the CDC in leading and collaboratively running with Mission Rabies, the first SARE rabies workshop in India. This was a Government level event which outlined the Stepwise Approach for Rabies Elimination in the State. Please read Andy’s brilliant report and the outstanding progress of the Goa team and all they have achieved. Thanks to the outstanding MR/WVS team in facilitating and driving this – particularly Andy, Fred, Dr Gowri, Dr Murugan, Julie, Karlette and of course Nigel who works tirelessly behind the scenes making it all happen.


The team have averaged over 52 sterilisations a day for the last two months totalling 2500 surgeries in March and April. This exceeds all expectation and targets - all whilst running training courses!!! The student feedback comments about these courses are included in Karlette’s report below. Also a sincere congratulations to Karlette on successful final interview for her PhD viva which is not an ideal headache to have in the midst of an incredibly busy period at the ITC!! Thank you to all for driving this on so amazingly. Great to see the truck working so well as well.

Mission Rabies Goa:

Over 30,000 dogs vaccinated so far this year!!!!! Congratulations to Rajesh and Sunita on their wedding day (great picture in the report!!). An amazing month with over 4,500 dogs vaccinated and our hand catching teams working well. I love the fact two dogs were rescued with plastic buckets stuck over the heads! Rescue and recycling.


Ilona has had an exceptionally busy month and still had time to write the report below!!! The working equine courses are particularly exciting and thanks to the Sir Peter O’Sullevan Trust and WTG for their huge support with this initiative.


The Thai team are a constant inspiration and have had an amazing month. Even with all the New Year celebrations, they managed to run three outreach teams, strengthen links with the Chiang Mai Municipality programme and run an international training course. Ian also conducted an outreach to Myanmar at the invite of the local Government. Reports of power are below!


A double blast of reports this month - the first week of the city vaccination campaign has gone great and Jo has summarised the activities in the document below. Dagmar has also taken a cracking team of volunteers and staff to do an outreach clinic in a very poor rural area by the lake. A sincere thanks as ever for the guidance and support of Dr Patrick Chikungwa and the DAHLD without whom this would not be possible.

Other news

We ran an outreach to Laos to work with a dilapidated zoo that wants to transform into a flagship wildlife, rescue and rehabilitation centre. This project promises to be incredibly exciting, they have 600 species of animal there and WVS hopes to assist them on this difficult path. First step is to make their resident elephant the first chain free captive elephant in Laos (and if another needs rescuing, we can get her a friend!!).

I’d like to thank Ian, Dr G, Ou, Guy, Fon, Manida and all the fantastic WVS Thailand team for hosting me last month. Their graft, support and encouragement has left me feeling inspired and fired up to power things on from this end. Ian came with me to Laos and then headed off to Burma so he has been a force of nature these last few weeks!

A huge thanks as well to Dogs Trust, MSD Animal Health, The Marchig Trust, The Olsen Animal Trust, The Primose Trust, Brigitte Bardot Fondation, The PetPlan Charitable Trust and so many other fantastic sponsors who believe in our work and enable these projects to happen. We also had a very generous donation today from TEFL Professional Network Ltd and a sincere thanks to them.

Our Annual Reports are finished!!! They will be available to download from our websites. Both reports are beyond fantastic and I felt a huge surge of pride reading them and knowing I am part of such an awesome team that has achieved so much. I love the fact we all want to keep powering things up – it’s the only way to be!!!

I can’t believe it’s May. This is the another month for us to smash all previous records for treatments and animals helped for the fifth consecutive time in 2018 – ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very best,