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Luke Gamble to receive special IFAW award

Mon 20th Oct 2014

WVS C.E.O and founder, Luke Gamble is to receive a special award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) at the House of Lords, honouring his work treating animals in need, both in the UK and overseas.

Luke Gamble (38), a practice principal treating farm and domestic animals through veterinary practices in Cranborne and Fordingbridge, also travels the world treating animals via the two charities he has founded – Worldwide Veterinary Services (WVS) and Mission Rabies.

As CEO of both organisations, he has raised more than £3M to support the charities and associated projects around the world. Through Mission Rabies, Luke aims to eventually eliminate rabies from the world, beginning with a project to rid the Indian State of Goa of the disease within the next three years to protect humans and animals from its deadly effects. So far the charity has vaccinated one street dog every four minutes, reaching 60,000 dogs in the first month alone.

Luke’s other charity, WVS, supports smaller charities or projects around the world with volunteer teams, free veterinary drugs supplies and equipment as well as free veterinary advice. Projects supported to date include providing domestic animal shelters in Greece, horse welfare projects in Gambia and exotic conservation projects in Grenada and India. Luke has also donated drugs and veterinary supplies to IFAW’s own CLAW project which provides vet care and animal welfare education for poor

President and CEO of IFAW, Azzedine Downes, said: “Luke’s commitment to saving animals both at home and in some of the toughest environments around the world is commendable. He is a great example of animal welfare in action and is a very deserving winner of IFAW’s Vet of the Year Award.”

In cases of disaster and emergency, WVS can provide a rapid vet response to any location in the world. Focussing on the animals that communities depend on every day, the ethos is ‘animal welfare for human welfare’.

Luke said: “I have always liked to pick the underdogs, to help where there is most need. It can be an incredible challenge working in some of these environments of human and animal suffering. It is the whole team that enable me to do this; I am one cog in the wheel. But it is the privilege of being able to carry out this charity work which really fires me. It is a huge honour to receive an IFAW award.”

In 2013, WVS sent out 70 volunteer vet teams, 874 parcels and assisted 307 charities across the globe, directly treating 88,457 animals and providing a life-saving resource to animal welfare charities and non-profit organisations.