Lucky Dog Walks Again Thanks to Vets at the Hicks ITC

Lucky Dog Walks Again Thanks to Vets at the Hicks ITC

Lucky was one of the many dogs who fall victim to road accidents when roaming Goa’s streets. He was hit by an oncoming vehicle, but proved to be a survivor, hence his name!

He was quickly brought in to our Hicks ITC and our vets soon established he was suffering from broken radius ulna and a minor hip fracture. He was unable to stand on his own unless picked up and supported and he couldn’t stand to pee or poop. The outlook was not bright for Lucky, but our vets were determined to do everything they could to help him.

His leg was splint bandaged and he was given nerve and bone supplements every day along with careful physiotherapy. A couple of weeks later he stood up on all four legs. It was a wobbly journey and took many weeks but it looked like Lucky would make a full recovery. Slowly, he took like one step at a time but today Lucky is walking with confidence. It will take another week for his fracture to heal but he is a sure survivor!!

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