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Lifesaving Surgery Performed On Injured Dog with Protruding Eye

Fri 5th Jan 2018

Our veterinary team at WVS Thailand perform lifesaving treatments on street dogs in the area of Chiang Mai on a daily basis. They are dedicated to rescuing, treating and rehabilitating these dogs to give them a new chance at life, improving the welfare of the local animal population. Guitar is just one of their recent cases...

Guitar was brought in to our clinic with multiple medical issues and it was clear the team needed to work quickly to save him. His skin was suffering from terrible mange all over his body, but most apparent was his bulging eye which was so infected, it was protruding completely out of its socket! 

With closer examination the team also discovered he was suffering from an abdominal cryptorchidism (one testicle has remained in the dog's abdomen instead of naturally dropping) which was causing Guitar much discomfort and adding to his existing injuries. 

But thanks to the quick and efficient response of the veterinary team, lifesaving surgery was successfully carried out on his eye, removing it entirely and significantly reducing Guitar's pain. He's now a much happier dog even with just one eye! His skin was also treated and our team saw an immediate improvement! 

Guitar has since returned to the WVS Thailand clinic to undergo surgery for his remaining medical condition and is now back to full health!!

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