Life on Three Legs: Kaiser's Story

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Life on Three Legs: Kaiser's Story

Tue 5th Sep 2017

Last week, the team at WVS Thailand were contacted about an injured dog in the Chiang Mai area. Our rescue team went out to investigate the case and this is how they found Kaiser.

After locating the dog, our team brought him back to the Care for Dogs Shelter for a full medical check by the WVS vets and began to formulate a plan for his recovery.

It soon became clear that poor Kaiser had an open fracture and the wound was also severely infected after being left untreated for so long. After cleaning the wound and discussing the options available, our dedicated Thai vet team decided to amputate his leg to prevent further infection in the future. 

Kaiser is now recovering well and no longer suffering from his injury. He has already learned how to walk on lead with just three legs!

 Kaiser lives very happily under our vet care and is loved by many of the staff that work on his rehabilitation each day. He is thoroughly loving his cosy bed and special diet during the time he stays with us. We expect that he will be fully recovered within a few more weeks!

The costs of the surgical procedure, shelter, staff and food for a case like this all add up and put a strain on our monthly budget but we remain committed to helping out animals that would otherwise be left to suffer.

If you would like to donate to help support dogs just like Kaiser, please click here. Thank you!