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Latest News From ITC

Tue 17th Feb 2015

Last Friday the 13th was a lucky day for the ITC!

The tenth thousandth dog was operated at an ABC (Animal Birth Control) training, reaching a very special milestone in the history of the ITC. 

A cake was made to mark the occasion which was celebrated by training participants from all around the world as well as Jeanne (the anesthetist) and Melanie (the surgeon), animal handler Balraj, Dr Vinay and ITC director Dr Maiju Tamminen. The 10,000th dog was very interested in getting his share of the cake!

The International Training Centre in India is a facility run by the Worldwide Veterinary Service, to provide the latest skills, support and supplies to vets and animal welfare workers in India. We are working with charities in local communities, our aim is to improve the health and welfare of all animals, with a particular attention to the eradication of rabies.