Luke's Monthly Report - June

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June Monthly Update

Fri 8th Jul 2016

Volunteer Teams and parcels

67 medical aid parcels valued at £38,009.04 were dispatched to associated charities around the world. Vet teams went to Thailand, India, Paxos and Malawi. 


Ranchi – 2558 vaccinations and 1063 surgeries were achieved this month. Total vaccinations in Ranchi for this year top 24,193 dogs. June’s Ranchi education drive was also phenomenal with 12,013 members of the community targeted through the rabies community education and awareness programme.

India – ITC – two courses were run this month, each with 12 participants.

Dr Anjail Ramesh submitted the following feedback to Ilona Otter (WVS India ITC Clinical Director):

" Madam, Words are not enough to  express my heartfelt gratitude and respect towards you and your team .After attending this training  programme which had ended on 3rd june, my concepts regarding animal welfare, asepsis, surgery and most important of all my attitude towards the silent beings has changed a lot.The confidence and knowledge  this training programme has instilled in me is well beyond expression and I have understood very well the importance of team work and coordination in conducting such programmes. I salute you and your team of well trained doctors for your patience, commitment and untiring efforts to equip participants like us with all possible information. Your optimism and unwavering enthusiasm in patching things up is unique and a model to be followed. WVS ITC and IPAN are two organisations that has added a meaning to my life as a veterinarian. Thank you once again for all the help, love,care,support and cherishable memories rendered throughout these 12 days. Wishing you all the best for your future endeavours.

Yours Sincerely

Anjali Ramesh"


It was a tough month for the Goa team who had to work incredibly hard in very wet conditions (!!). 2,230 dogs were vaccinated and progress to cover the entire Indian state this year is well on track.


I’m actually writing this from Thailand – the training course is simply amazing with 12 participants engaged from all over the world. It is totally uplifting to be with the phenomenal team here who have/are working so hard in making this centre a success. Thanks entirely to the dedication and hard work of the core Thai team, the dogs have a chance where otherwise they would be totally stuck, and the scope to now drive forward this project is phenomenal.


Please find attached the Epidemiological report from the May vaccination drive - written by Andy Gibson (Epidemiology and Research Manager). It speaks for itself in what Kate Shervell (International Director) and the MR team achieved, likewise the work of Dagmar Mayer (International Veterinary Manager) and the WVS team in synergistically in treating so many animals that would otherwise would never have had access to veterinary care.

PDF icon blantyre_city_initial_epi_report.pdf

Other news

As we grow, it’s all about driving forward together as a united front in championing as many animals as we can. Fundamentally this is the focused objective which we should never forget and we need to ensure we make every day and every project counts as much as we can. We’re achieving great things as a result – let’s keep tight, focused and keep delivering knockout work in tough places.

It’s very exciting to realise that our ambitious five-year strategy in having these definable, sustainable and truly life-saving projects is within our grasp.  

Thank you to all our supporters and the core teams for being so inspirational and such an incredible force for good. Let’s keep fighting our corner – and winning.

Very best,


Luke Gamble BVSc MRCVS

Chief Executive - Worldwide Veterinary Service

Chief Executive – Mission Rabies