It's not just dogs at WVS Thailand!

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It's not just dogs at WVS Thailand!

Tue 24th Jul 2018

Our Thai shelter in Chiang Mai, next door to our International Training Centre, is well known for rescuing and treating the local dog population. Many of these dogs stay with us for months if not years after their treatment while they undergo further surgery or are waiting to find their new homes. 

What may be less well known is that as well as looking out for all the sick and injured dogs reported to our team, they also help the local community take care of the cats living in Chiang Mai. 

Co-ordinating with local rescue organisations, individual owners and community carers, WVS Thailand recently ran a week-long Care for Cats project! 

It is important to ensure these cats are sterilised to maintain a healthy population and these services were offered free of charge for the owners and the local community. Throughout the week, our veterinary team sterilised and vaccinated an incredible 144 cats on top of the usual rescue cases that arrive at the shelter on a daily basis! These animals are now healthy, limiting the number of unwanted litters and controlling the population as well as protecting them from disease.

Projects such as this help WVS make a real difference to this community, helping both the cats and dogs on the streets of Chiang Mai to promote the best level of animal welfare possible!!

Please help us continue to provide these vital services in places that really need it, protecting animals of all kinds and helping communities. A donation, however big or small, will allow us to run more project just like Care for Cats and help as many animals as possible!