WVS Founder Luke Gamble in Goa

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It's all go in Goa!

Fri 8th Jul 2016

Last month was an epic month in Goa!

The Mission Rabies teams continued with the vaccinations in Quepem Taluk, however, the work has been made extremely difficult with the start of a particularly heavy monsoon. Goa has already seen more than double the average rainfall for the month of June. The Quepem Taluk vaccination drive is now expected to be completed by the 9th July. is also in Goa. Mission Rabies is currently liaising with the Goan Government, as this phenomenal project drives forward. 

In other news, the team were called to rescue another dog in Tiswadi Taluk, which had its head stuck in a plastic jar. The dog had been running around with his head stuck for several days and was unable to eat. The local NGO had also tried to catch the dog but were unsuccessful. Upon arrival, the team were unable to find the dog, but after searching for a couple of hours the dog was located, caught and the jar was removed. The dog is now doing much better!

Reports had been received regarding a young girl in Tiswadi Taluk) who had been attacked by several dogs and admitted to hospital. The incident was not considered to be rabies related, however, members of the team visited the area the next day to assess the situation. They worked alongside Panjim Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to catch the dogs for sterilisation. Local authorities were involved in the case and the Government of Goa had officially requested assistance from Mission Rabies.