It's Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

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It's Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Mon 7th Aug 2017

August marks ‘Adopt a Shelter Dog Month’ and to celebrate, WVS are focusing on our Care for Dogs shelter in Thailand and the success stories that have come from it.

We currently have 18 long-term residents at the shelter in Chiang Mai, who are being cared for by our team. They have all had difficult lives, with many having been abused or neglected by humans in the past and as such, will continue to live together at our shelter!

But as well as our long-term residents, the shelter is temporarily home to a variety of other dogs that are either injured, stray, or abandoned and in need of new loving homes. Our team strive to match these dogs with homes in the community once they are recovered and ready to move on from the shelter!

All this month, we will be profiling some of our wonderful adopters, vets, and dogs from the shelter! Our 18 permanent dogs are also all up for sponsorship and would love to be supported by kind and generous people like you! For just £5 a month, you can help provide for one of these dogs and support their living costs. For more information on each dog, visit our sponsorship page!